How To Use a Room Divider as Part of Your Décor

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Room dividers are very efficient and effective tools for maximizing the space of your home. Let’s say you live in a one-room living space, for example, you could use room dividers to clearly mark the different areas of that space – these different areas being your bedroom, living room, dining room and recreational area. Another way room dividers are used would be as a decoration piece, especially if you live in a rented apartment that you are not allowed to redecorate or alter in any way. Whichever your situation is, here are some pointers for you to remember if you are interested in using a room divider as a part of your décor:

  1. Know the different room dividers you could use. A major part of how your room divider would be used as a decoration centerpiece would be what kind of room divider it is. There are many available ones in the market, including folding doors and folding screens (room screens, privacy screens, and divider screens); curtains and drapes; and even large furniture such as cabinets that double as dividers.  You could shop for cheap room dividers from stores such as Target and Walmart; you could also look for previously-owned ones from antique sales and thrift shops. Have them refurbished cheap, or you could decorate them yourself. You could use lightweight, portable folding screens as temporary room dividers during specific situations only. If you have guests, for example, you could easily set up a divider between your kitchen and your dining room so that you won’t be conscious of your guests being able to watch you as you prepare your meal.
  2. Plan around the décor of your room. Use your room divider to complement the rest of your room’s design. Consult a color wheel to know which colors work best with your current color scheme. Another technique is to pinpoint a downplayed color in your room, and then match it to your room divider. If you feel that your room is a little bit bland and neutral for your tastes, choose a room divider with eye-catching colors – this would make your room divider a design centerpiece to your room.
  3. Get creative. The good thing about room dividers is that they are a safe and easy way to experiment with design. If you want to exercise your creativity but aren’t quite sure if you’re ready to apply it to your actual living room walls, you could choose instead to concretize your ideas using your room divider as a medium. Paint it as you like, using exotic prints and patterns; you could glue unique fabrics to it; or tack your favorite drawings and artwork onto it. The key here is to let go of your inhibitions and get as creative as you want!
  4. Go utilitarian. You could have pockets installed in your room divider, to give it extra purpose and to use it as a very efficient room saver. If you have a home office, use it to give you privacy and to visually demarcate your living space from your work space.

These are just some of the ideas you could work with when planning to install a room divider as part of your décor. The options are limited only by your ideas, so go ahead and feel free to experiment! Good luck, and have fun!


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