How To Use a Squirrel Buster

Squirrels are one of the biggest problems of bird owners – people who buy bird feeders. Wild squirrels eat large amounts of high quality, expensive bird seeds. They are also capable of destroying your expensive bird feeders by gnawing on them and chasing away birds. If these wild squirrels claim your bird feeders as their own territory, it’s difficult to get rid of them. It is also possible that these wild squirrels will have babies close to your bird feeders totally destroying your feeder.  Using squirrel busters guarantees you that squirrels will never come back to your bird feeders again. How the squirrel buster works will be covered in this discussion.

The opening should be located at the bottom part of the shroud aligned with the seed ports, giving little birds access to the bird seeds. When a wild squirrel climbs onto the bird feeder, the weight of the squirrel automatically forces the shroud to close down. Large birds and wild squirrels are foiled but surely not harmed in any way.

If you’re using a squirrel buster and having problems using it, this provides information on how to use a Squirrel Buster:

  • Removing Component System – the parts of the squirrel buster are designed to be assembled and disassemble easily for cleaning purposes without using any tools. To dismantle, first you need to push down and turn the top cover of the bird feeder. Pull up the yellow center post cap then disconnect the center hanger cable. After disconnecting the hanger, you should remove the nut located at the bottom of the bird feeder. After the center hanger cable and bottom nut are removed, pull out the tube assembly then push the side button of the feeder to remove the plastic tube.
  • Cleaning squirrel busters – clean your squirrel buster at least twice a week. Dirty and grimy bird feeders can be the main source of bacteria that is harmful to young birds. This bacterium easily spreads in the bird seeds. To clean the squirrel buster, first thing you need to do is to dismantle the parts. After removing the components, wash the parts of the squirrel buster with dish detergent and warm water. You should rinse it off with a solution of water and vinegar – a mild disinfectant. Remember that you should not put the squirrel buster into a dishwasher because the temperature generated in dishwashers is very high and may damage the feeder components such as tubes and plastic covers.
  • Perfect place for squirrel busters – you can put the squirrel buster anywhere you want to. Just make sure to keep it out of reach of children. You can place it on your trees, outside your window, inside your garden or anywhere appropriate. You should also use extension clips, brackets, shepherd hooks and branch hooks to secure you bird feeders. The squirrel buster spring mechanism is calibrated at default factory settings to close at 5.0 oz. / 115 g. Smaller squirrels and large gray squirrels are shut out at this setting.

It is advisable to ensure the safety of squirrels even though one wants repel them at all costs.


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