How To Use a Wood Shaper

For woodworking professionals, there is a need for them to obtain the highest quality of wood cutting and finishing. With this, there are several devices they need such as a wood. A wood shaper is frequently used in order to shape cuts into a piece of wood. Unlike the router, wood shapers are huge machines that are suitable in molding edges on a portion of wood. Read on and discover more.

  • Since a wood shaper is one of the most dangerous tools in furniture making, it is very important for you to be knowledgeable on using it. Look over the internet some ideas, information and reminders before even purchasing a wood shaper. With this, you will accumulate enough understanding when in comes to wood shaper. In addition, wood shapers are also a little bit of expensive. With this, try to evaluate prices by searching stores that offer affordable wood shapers.
  • Once you have purchased your wood shaper, read on the guidelines or manuals provided. Make sure that you have completely and carefully understood and read the instructions before you start.
  • If you are ready to begin the work, you must prepare and ready the tools and materials you will need such as safety goggles, safety mask, dust collector, ear protection and the wood shaper.
  • Clean the work area. Make sure that the place is clear from clutters and debris. You also have to clean the region near the blade to avoid obstructions that may lead to further injury. Put up your dust collector in the area in order to reduce dusts from accumulating. An exhaust system can prevent you from sniffing the dust that is dangerous to your health. Wear your safety mask and ear protection for safety precautions.
  • Choosing an appropriate blade can be confusing since there are numerous blades available for simple to highly structured cuts. Given this reason, you have to be extra careful in selecting your blade for the kind of cut you are working on. Pick the proper blade and lock it tightly and cautiously into the cutter head.
  • Adjust the fence of the wood shaper according to the blade you will use. For larger blades, the fence can be opened a little while for smaller blades, the fence should be closed. Typically, the fence is in parallel position in order to create a straight cut but it can be modified to construct oblique cuts. Whatever the setting is, you have to adjust the fence near the blade.
  • After you have turned on the wood shaper machine and the dust collector, you are now set to craft the cut. Put some pressure to the wood downward and along the fence. Push the wood gradually headed to the rotating blade while sustaining the pressure. Keep your fingers a few inches away from the rotating blade to prevent accidents.

The wood shaper has been very functional device for furniture makers. Though the process might be dangerous, you can obtain the finest cuts with the right material and enough knowledge.


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