How To Use Accent and Ambient Lighting on Family Portraits

Most people are usually confused with how they would use accent lighting as well as ambient lighting inside they homes. Ambient illumination is the general lighting of your home that draws from different directions such as the wall fixture and ceiling. On the other hand, accent lighting is used in order to create the focus in one particular area or item such as paintings and portraits inside the room or home. This lighting usually draws from low-level illumination and lamps. Follow these steps on how you would utilize an accent and ambient lighting on family pictures.

  • Selecting a good lighting takes a lot of searching and looking out. If possible, go to the mall or home depot and check out the best lighting items for accent and ambient illumination. Ask some assistance on what would be the right lighting for your home. Aside from going to the stores, you can also surf the internet on lighting styles with the use of accent and ambient lighting.
  • Since you would want to draw focus on your family picture, it is best to check out the size of the room you will hang your portrait. You have to select a room that gets enough natural light that accumulates in the room throughout the day.
  • If you find that the room gets adequate natural light, you have to select a lighting supply that is dimmer for your room's overall lighting. With this, picking a dimmer light for your ambient lighting would let you manage the brightness of the illumination. This is by switching them down when needed. Choosing a dimmer illumination for your ambient lighting can also save you from energy. A chandelier would be the best ambient lighting for your room since it gives enough illumination.
  • In order for you to determine where you would want to set up the accent lighting, you first have to decide where in the room you will hang up your family picture. Once you have hung up the portraits, you can now begin to install your accent lighting.
  • Choose whether you would use up-light table and floor lamp or you can put up a light fixture on the wall or ceiling. On the contrary, putting up a light fixture depends to where you have hung up your portrait.
  • For your accent lighting fixture, select a soft bulb since bright lights will result a glare on your pictures.
  • Finally, modify the accent lighting until you get the desired angle that lightens your family photo without shedding shadows. In order to compliment your accent lighting, you can always change the level of brightness of your ambient lighting. You have to remember that your room's ambient lighting should be dimmer as compared to your accent light.  

A family portrait is something you would want people to see when they visit you in your home. With these, when in comes to displaying or portraying this picture, you can opt to use the accent and ambient lighting in order to catch one's attention.


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