How To Use Bananas as Fertilizer

Bananas are a healthy treat most people love to eat. They are rich in potassium and phosphorus which help nourish the body. If you are growing plants, make sure not to throw the peel away after eating bananas. Potassium and phosphorus can also be found on banana peels and are much needed by plants in order to grow strong and healthy. Follow these steps to use bananas as efficient fertilizer for your plants.

  • Cut the banana peel into small pieces. Although whole banana peels decay fast, cutting it allows for faster decomposition.
  • Place the bits in a plastic bag or any container, along with other compostable materials to be used as fertilizer. Other compost may include apples, crushed egg shells and bones that are consumed regularly. This container may serve as your daily compost bin to be used for the following day.
  • If you do not plan on using the compost at once, you may place them in the refrigerator and continually add compostable materials to this until you are ready to use them on your soil. This is to prevent them from decaying too fast and smelling around the house. Putting them in the fridge would also keep the nutrients from your banana peels intact. 
  • Mix the materials from your compost bin with existing fertilizers. If you are not going to use it yet, store the fertilizer in a cool, dry place. The new compost will eventually decay, mixing with your old fertilizer. The nutrients from the existing fertilizers and your compost would also mix up.
  • Set the fertilizer on your soil. You can do this by tilling the soil, then putting your compost. Also, if you grow banana trees, you can get the leaves and stalks to serve as additional fertilizer as well.
  • You can place banana peel bits on the soil when you repot your plants. Same process applies when planting new seedlings.
  • If you do not want to go through this whole process, you may simply leave whole banana peels on your soil after eating. They will automatically be absorbed into the soil, providing the extra nutrients needed. Better leave them near plants or shrubs so that your plants will gain the most benefit. Rose bushes benefit the most from banana peels since they are in dire need of potassium.
  • Just for fun, you may use banana peels to brush the leaves of your plants. They can be used to remove dirt and soil providing extra shine for your favorite plants before being used as fertilizer.

Having your own compost bin will help you save money. This can serve as compost in addition to the commercial fertilizers you place on the soil, or it can serve as the main fertilizer for your plants. Banana peels are an advisable form of fertilizer since they contain many nutrients that can only be found in expensive fertilizers. Aside from that, bananas are natural, organic fertilizers which do not contain the harmful ingredients you may sometimes find in commercial ones.


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