How To Use Burlap Coffee Bags in the Garden

If one of your hobbies is gardening then you may want to use burlap coffee bags to cut costs. Most coffee companies sell burlap bags by bulk and some even give them away for free. If you do not know what a Burlap coffee bag is, it is loosely woven fabric used to store coffee beans. There are a lot of uses for these bags. Here are tips on how to use it in the garden:

  • Use to increase seed germination velocity - Some vegetables like carrots and parsley have low germination speed. This means that it takes time for their sprout to grow. If you want to increase the speed of their growth, you may do so by placing a burlap bag on top of the seeds after you plant them. 
  • Cut a piece of the Burlap Bag that will cover the row of seeds. Make sure to soak your burlap bag in water before placing them on top of the seeds. The purpose of the burlap bag is to keep the seeds and the land moist. Remember to check your plants daily and keep your burlap bag soaked with water. If you see some sprouts growing then remove the bag and expose your seeds to the sun.
  • Alternative for chemicals - If you are into gardening, you know that pulling out weeds help your plants grow better. An easy way to do this without having to use chemicals is by placing burlap bags underneath pieces of wood in the area that you are planning to plant your seeds. These bags can last for 3-4 for years and helps in preventing weeds from harming your plants.
Use it to make compost - An easy technique to make compost is to get some healthy vegetables from your harvest and chop them up into tiny pieces. You can do this by continuously running over them with a lawn mower.

Get some leaves and put them in the mixture and place it in your plant bed. Cover this mixture with a burlap bag and in time it will turn into good and substantial compost for your new plants.

Use them as linens for your garden - When you are doing some gardening work, you always need to use some linen for your plants. You can use the burlap coffee bags to replace them. It doesn't matter if burlap coffee bags get stains since you can always use it to make compost later. Do this by cutting up a few bags into smaller sizes. You can use a placemat to serve as your guide when you cut the bags and use them for your garden.

  • Use as storage - Since the burlap bags are originally used to store coffee beans, you can use them to store some waste materials that you use for gardening. These bags are perfect for storing compost, fallen leaves and gardening tools. You can mark the bags according to what its content is.

Gardening is a very enjoyable hobby but it can get a little expensive at times. Using burlap bags will surely and effectively lower your gardening expenses and with these tips, help you grow healthier plants.


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