How To Use Cabinet Hardware

Everyone knows that the main purpose of cabinet hardware is to open doors and slide out drawers. However the kind of hardware you choose, and the placement of it can make the difference between a kitchen or bath that is boring, and one that pops with personality. Here are some ideas to make cabinet hardware work for you.

  1. Purpose of the room: How the room will be used make a big difference on what kind of cabinet hardware will be best. When considering handles, think of the amount of wear and dirt this space is likely to receive. Choose hardware that can be easily cleaned if grubby hands are likely to be using them.
  2. Style of the room: This includes the mood desired, and the architectural details already in the room Is your room formal or informal? Traditional or contemporary? Ornate or simple? Delicate or rugged? If you can answer these questions, you are a long way in choosing the best cabinet hardware for you project.
  3. Placement: Hardware placement can make the difference between incredible, and granny’s canning kitchen. In the 1970’s, large, ornate pulls were placed in the center of cabinet doors. At the time, this was cutting edge, but now, is almost completely out of vogue. Changing hardware placement can update your room almost instantly.
  4. Shape: This is where choosing cabinet hardware becomes really fun. There are so many shapes to choose from! There are the standard knobs, with their infinite variations. Pulls, from contemporary bars, to delicate twig shaped pulls. And there are always the specialty shapes, such as the vintage cup pulls that have had a raging come back in the past few years.
  5. Hinges: A discussion of hardware would not be complete without including hinges. Hinges come in many different shapes and sizes, from the invisible hinge, to the rustic bar hinges often used in early American decorating.
  6. Color: A good rule of thumb is to only use one metal in a room. This helps to make the room cohesive. Of course all rules are there to be broken, but if you choose to break this one, do it with thought and purpose. When using wood, glass, and painted hardware, think about the colors already in the room. Choose colors that will harmonize with your décor.

Hardware can add so much personality to the cabinets that it is attached to. With careful thought and planning, you will love your cabinet hardware for years to come!


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