How To Use Clocks in Feng Shui

Although some believe that displaying clocks in a home is bad Feng Shui, it's perfectly fine to bring clocks into your home as long as you are aware of the best way to use clocks in Feng Shui. These tips should help you decide how you can use clocks in Feng Shui to bring good chi to your home.

Step 1

Recognize that clocks are a necessary accessory. Clocks are necessary to have within a home. They not only keep us informed of the time, but they also remind us to move faster (or slower) throughout our daily routine. They keep us on time. Follow the guidelines of using clocks in Feng Shui, and you will be comfortable with the placement of a clock in your home.

Step 2

Use clocks in ideal places. There are some places to put clocks on your home that are ideal for creating good Feng Shui. It's fine to put clocks anywhere in your kitchen, living room and office. Even a small clock on a bedside table in a bedroom is fine. Alarms clocks are fine too (and necessary, for most). Ideally though, your alarm clock would be small enough to not draw attention to itself. As well, it should be easy to tuck out of sight. Battery-operated clocks are best in Feng Shui, as electric ones are said to emit high EMF fields that are bad for your health.

Step 3

Avoid using clocks in certain areas. Although clocks are fine in your home, they're not recommended in all areas. For example, you should never display a large clock or several smaller clocks in your bedroom. That's a room meant for relaxation according to the principles of Feng Shui. Your bedroom should be mainly ruled by your own body clock, so only a small alarm clock is acceptable. As well, it's fine to display a collection of clocks on a wall. But don't display them so that they are visible right when you walk into your home. When you use clocks in Feng Shui, you also need to be sure that they're not found in the east part of your home (known to be the health and family area). That will create bad Feng Shui.

Step 4

Only gift a clock when it is appropriate. Although a clock, watch or timepiece may be a nice gift, it is not always acceptable to give a clock as a gift. It is not acceptable for a young person to give an older person a clock as a gift, as it reminds that person of the passing of time and brings bad Feng Shui. Giving a clock to a younger person is fine.

These are the few basic rules of using clocks in Feng Shui. Follow them, and you'll maintain peace and harmony in your home and in your life.


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