How To Use Feng Shui to Organize a Kitchen

Feng Shui masters believe that certain things in your kitchen should be organized in a specific way. The kitchen is the place where the masters believe to be the center point of bountiful grace since this is where food comes in and sustains you. The more your kitchen is clean, warm and welcoming, the more you are healthy and well rounded. These rules will let you attract good energy and will bring you remarkable change to your wealth and your health.

  1. Location of your kitchen. In Feng Shui, the home signifies the body and the kitchen represents the digestive system. According to the traditional Chinese system, your main door should not open to the kitchen. It is like saying you should not see your stomach through your mouth. The ideal location of your kitchen should be at the near back of your home. An area where it is not visible from the front door. The kitchen should also face east. This will enable the morning sun and the positive energy “chi” to permeate into the house in the early morning hours.
  2. Stove location. You should be facing your living room or dining room when using your stove. In Feng Shui, the frequent usage of your stove symbolizes your potential for growth in all aspects in life.
  3. Cutlery. Your knives and cutlery should not be exposed in the kitchen, except when you are using it. These blades should be kept in a drawer not on the kitchen counter. Anything sharp should not be on display in your kitchen. This represents the cut of the good energy into your home.
  4. Keep fresh food. Always keep your food in your kitchen fresh. Your refrigerator should always have bountiful supply of food. Remember not to keep rotten or spoiled food in it. According to Feng Shui, filling your kitchen with fresh food will give you emotional and nutritional health. You can put fresh fruits in a bowl on the kitchen counter to gather good energy.
  5. Cabinets. Keep your cabinets free from clutter. A disorganized cabinet symbolizes excess problems and burden in your home. Assign a cabinet by item. Always keep same items together in one place. You should keep only one cabinet for junk. You can store extra utensils, keys or anything that does not categorize on your assigned cabinets.
  6. Provide a seating area. The kitchen should be the embodiment of warmth in your home. Designate an area for a comfortable seating and informal dining area. These seats should be comfortable enough to get you and your guests through small talks. Keeping the kitchen comfortable and accommodating symbolizes the support you have from family and friends. When there is love and support, good energy is always attached to it.
  7. Color. Aside from the arrangements and the organizations, the color of the kitchen is another vital rule in Feng Shui. You should use colors of red, green and yellow. These colors are considered good luck and health.

Applying these rules to your kitchen will promote good physical well being.  Redefining your kitchen organization with Feng Shui is one of the most inexpensive kitchen make over known. If you are not ready to do extreme makeovers, a simple rearranging by the rules will suffice. Now you are prepared to receive all the positive energy Feng Shui can manifest for your home.


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