How To Use Flame Gel in Fake Fireplaces

Flame gel fireplaces are one of the most popular pieces of décor for a home that has no real fireplace built. These furniture pieces, if you can consider it that, allows a homeowner to have the look and feel of a real fireplace without having one. All you need is a firebox and the flame gel fireplace and your home will seem as warm and as beautiful as one with a real fireplace. Of course, like any combustible items, flame gels need to be handled with care. You really don’t want to light it up and find yourself without a home several minutes after. This being said, here are some tips on how to use flame gels correctly that won’t transform your house into ashes instantly.

  • Prepare the firebox. First things first. Before even pondering on the wonders of what flame gels can bring to your home, make sure that you have the tools necessary to use it. You will need a metal firebox where you will place the flame gel once lit. Fireboxes are fireproof so that it should give your house the protection it needs from accidental flames. However, this is not enough. You will need to clear the firebox of any combustible items as well. Paper, cloth, and matches should be removed.
  • Purchase the flame gel. There are many brands of flame gels in the market and some are specified for use in a particular setting. In this case, you are using a firebox so only purchase flame gels suited for the dimension of your firebox. At the same time, it is important to do some research on the various brands available before going with one. Surf the Internet for reviews on certain brands or ask the in-house staff to recommend a safe and trusted brand.
  • Use the flame gel. Flame gels come in cans. The first step in using them is by removing the paper label on the can. Remember that this is combustible and should be removed prior to lighting it. The can should recommend it as well. After that, open the top of the can. This will expose a viscous liquid, which is the gel. Use a metal spatula or rod and mix the gel. This needs to be done if the gels seems to have dried or displays some inconsistencies. Once that is done, position the can inside the firebox that should be lying flat on the floor. The can of the flame gel should be placed on the bottom part of the firebox. As soon as the position is set, whip out a long lighter or match and start the fire. It is important to have your hands as far away from the can as possible when lighting it to avoid accidental burns.

Enjoy the beauty and the warmth with the flame gel. It really makes you feel like you are in front of a real fireplace. To extinguish the fire, all you have to do is cover the can with its top. You can reuse the gel if it seems to have some kick left in it. However, you will need to stir this prior to reusing it.


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