How To Use Garbage Bags in the Garden

The garbage bag is a staple in any household because of its practicality and absolute usefulness. They are made of a specific type of plastic that makes it sturdy and waterproof. Now, normally, garbage bags serve a primary purpose, which is for trash. However, because of its versatility, garbage bags can be used for a number of things including gardening. Here are some reasons why having a garbage bag ready while gardening is important and practical.

  • Protect your plants during winter. Delicate plants need tender loving care, which will involve applying some protection measures especially when the harsh cold of winter comes in. The harsh cold can expose your plants to frostbite, which in turn will ruin them. You can protect them by covering them with a garbage bag, which will provide them warmth against the freezing cold. This is especially useful if you are growing crops in your garden.
  • Protect plants from molds. A plant that develops molds and mildew quickly because of constant exposure to moistened soil is always a pain to manage. However, you can actually prevent the mold and mildew buildup by using the garbage bag as a soil to plant separator. The trick to it is to spread the garbage bag open and cut holes in it where the plants can be inserted through. Place it on the soil with the plants going through the holes you made. This will protect the plant from the moist soil, which will prevent molds and mildew to creep up.
  • Use the garbage bag to clear weeds. Weeds that sprout up from your garden bed that steals the nutrients from the actual plants you are trying to grow are a major hassle. Normally, you will need to pull these out once in awhile. However, if you want to do it in ones shot, then you can cover the whole garden with a garbage bag. Cover it for one week so that sunlight will not be able to seep through. This should wither the weeds, which will make it easier for you to remove. Once you take off the garbage bag, you can use the same bag to place the weeds in.
  • Protect your metal furniture. The garbage bag can protect your metal chairs, tables, or your barbecue grill from rust. Over time, these pieces exposed to the elements such as rain, sunshine, and wind will cause these metal yard items to rust. When this happens, it can be a real challenge to remove the rust. However, you can actually prevent the rust from developing by covering these metal pieces whenever you are not using them.

Aside from these ingenious ways to use a garbage bag while gardening, you can actually use it to contain the dead grass you rake from your lawn, the dead leaves that fall from the trees, or the fresh grass that you mow. Place the grass in the bag, tie the opening into a knot, and heave it onto the garbage cans on your sidewalk.


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