How To Use Garden Pebbles

A nice pebbled garden can be composed of different sizes and colors of pebbles. You can use beach, quartz, stone, granite, marble, limestone or other types of pebbles. These are used to cover a surface or a pavement. There are other ways on how to use these pebbles. If pebbles were take from the river they're called the riverbed pebbles. Located in the bed of the river, they are found through sand deposits. These are partially rounded natural stone or mineral fragments between 2 to 75mm in diameter.  Mexican beach pebbles are mostly black, red, bone and ivory. Other stores offer pebbles in mixed or candy colors. These stones or slates can be polished or unpolished.

Here are some ways to use garden pebbles:

  • Accents in pots. Pebbles are great for plants in pots. You can cover the entire pot and leave an open area for your plant. These pebbles can be part of your pot and can be fixed in your garden along with some other flowers and plants.
  • Decorations and landscaping projects. While the garden pebbles found in our gardens or homes work nicely for landscaping your garden, pebbles can also be a pathway material towards the center of your garden surrounding stepping-stones or pavers. This gives you that dramatic feel that fits an intimate yet sophisticated event outside your house or patio. Pebbles can also be used to give a border to separate the garden and the pavement. They are also perfect for garden centerpieces. Bigger rocks are used for these kinds of decorations.
  • Water features. Garden pebbles can be used as accents for your aquariums, ponds and home waterfalls. Along with proper lighting, the pebbles will create a more natural look for the aquarium.
  • Swimming pool decks.  An infinity-style pools may have garden pebble tiling to give it a distinct look. Smooth and polished beach pebbles are commonly used for this as they add a natural look to the pool. The pool will look like an extension of the beach.
  • Zen garden. A Zen garden is a living work of art. Different Japanese plants and trees are changed every now and then in a Zen garden,  depending on the season. These gardens do not have a water element in them. Garden pebbles are used to represent mountains, islands, boats or even people. They play a significant role within the Zen garden. 

There are a lot of pebble types to choose from for your garden. Many stores offer free delivery of pebbles. Just look for the right pebble store that offers affordable pebbles that will be a good match for your garden.


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