How To Use Inexpensive Mason Jars for Outdoor Decorating

Mason jars are not only exquisite to behold, they also evoke the quaint and old-fashioned life in those beautiful country homes.  They bring back memories of quiet evenings and idle talks, of verandas and porch swings.  They invite nostalgia and force you to relive the fun of catching those fireflies, beaming like nature’s splendid torches.  Here are some ways on how you can creatively use inexpensive mason jars for your outdoor decorating:

  • Flower holder.  You can transform your ordinary mason jar into a wonderful decorative flower holder.  Get your mason jar and load its bottom.  You may use some pieces of rock or some nice-looking stones (tinted, painted, dyed, or natural).  Then, proceed to pour water into the jar.  You may use some food coloring if you wish to match something or achieve a particular theme or motif.  You can finish your project by adding some colorful flowers.  You can position the flower vase on your floor, in the middle of your food table, on your favorite deck, or as the main focus atop your cabinet or shelf.
  • Candle holder.  You need the following materials: a mason jar (any size), a tea light, some “Blue & White” kitty litter (made out of exquisite crystals), and some citronella candles.  Get your kitty litter crystals and put them into your mason jar.  You should fill up about 75% of your mason jar.  Then, grab your citronella candle.  Position it into the jar, just above the kitty litter crystals.  Push down the candle a bit.  Make sure that it is securely surrounded and supported by your kitty litter crystals.
You may consider using another filler of your choice.  “Blue & White” are just recommended because they gleam and they are really affordable.  You can also do as many jars as you can.  Since your jars shelter your candles, you can position them all over your house.  The flickering light can certainly delight your evening guests and drive those pesky insects away! 
  • Hanging jar.  Prepare a mason jar (any size), some flowers (or fish), and thin wire.  Since this is intended to be suspended, you need to wire it properly.  Begin by cutting a long strand of wire, about 18 inches in length.  Wind it just around the mason jar, right under its lip.  Do it twice until you reach the tip/end of the wire where you started.  Then, twist that tip/end to whatever is left on the base wire.  Repeat the steps but sure that you start and end just right across your first wire.  Connect the end parts of the wire, forming a ring.  Use that ring to suspend your mason jar somewhere in the house.  You can pour some water into the jar.  Then, you can put a fresh exotic flower or a fish.

If you have guests coming on a lazy afternoon, use a mason jar to dispense your refreshing lemonade.  Just put a suitable lid.  It can surprise and delight your guests.  As you serve their refreshment, they can’t help but admire your mason jar.


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