How To Use Kitchen Utensils and Appliances as Decor

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house. This is also the one of the rooms that tends to be forgotten when it comes to decorating. Unless you have a big house with a well-appointed kitchen, it can be a room that is cramped and always lacking for space. It is also quite difficult to find appropriate items to decorate a kitchen. With some ingenuity and clever planning you can decorate your kitchen using your kitchen utensils and appliances. Take a look at the ideas below for inspiration.

  • Take an inventory of all the kitchen utensils and appliances that you have in your kitchen. If you have a lot of copper pans that you are just storing in your kitchen cabinets and are gathering dust, it is time to take them out, display them and put them to good use. It is the same if you have more pieces that are made of stainless steel and glass. This will help you tie up the rest of the décor.
  • Check the space where you place your small kitchen appliances. Sometimes a different location for a particular appliance can make a big difference in the place. It you have plenty of spice canisters and bottles that is taking a lot of counter space, consider buying a spice rack that you can attach to a wall in your kitchen where it can be readily accessible when you are preparing your food. Look for one that goes well with the overall color scheme of your kitchen, either in a contrasting or a complementary color.
  • Hang your pots and pans from the ceiling by installing a metal pot holder. This will not only display your pots and pans, it can be the focal point in your kitchen, whether you have copper or shiny stainless steel pots and pans.
  • A mug holder with colorful mugs can brighten up your breakfast counter. There are sets of mugs that you come in different colors and designs. Look for a unique and big ceramic mug that can be used as a flower vase to add more color to the counter.
  • Use an old metal pitcher as a flower vase and arrange a colorful selection of silk flowers. You can place this on top of a kitchen shelf. Old coffee cans may also be used to hold floral arrangements. Use an old coffeemaker together with some old coffee canisters or a collection of beautiful coffee mugs to provide an elegant shelf topper.
  • If you are going for stainless steel and glass look, there are several functional appliances that you can buy. You can look for a stainless steel holder for your paper towels that you can place on your breakfast bar or kitchen counter. You can also get a stainless steel fruit basket that comes in different sizes and shapes. There are also table napkin holders made from stainless steel in contemporary designs that can give your kitchen a bright and neat appearance.
  • If you are just getting small kitchen appliances at this point, consider the overall look and color scheme of your kitchen and look for appliances in colors that will match your kitchen theme. In this manner, your appliances will double up as kitchen décor when placed in conspicuous locations in your kitchen counter.

Do not limit your kitchen décor to just your kitchen appliances and utensils. There are other small functional items that you can use around the kitchen, your counters, kitchen walls and breakfast nooks that will provide a wonderful setting to your kitchen.


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