How To Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

Woman with classical framed mirrors
Mirrors bring good Feng Shui energy to a home when they are placed in the proper spot. They can dramatically change the flow of energy in a home and bring a peaceful, relaxing calm to the home. Experience the benefit of using mirrors for good Feng Shui by following the guide below.

Step 1

Understand the different types of mirrors.  There are three basic types of mirrors: basic, concave and convex. Each produces its own energies. A typical mirror with a flat face (of any shape) works well in a southeast area. Concave mirrors produce a reflection that is upside-down and smaller. And convex mirrors area said to bring protection to a home, and are used inside or outside as a protective Feng Shui element.  (There is also something called a Bagua mirror which has very powerful energies and should never be placed inside of a home.)

Step 2

Place the mirror in the direction of the energy you want to create. Most homes will have a basic flat-faced mirror. You can use this basic mirror to create good Feng Shui by understanding the value of each spot you place the mirror. For example, place the mirror in the east to bring good energy to your health and your family, place it in the southeast to bring wealth and abundance, and place it in the north Feng Shui area to bring good energy to your career and life path. Recognize that there is a difference between something being placed in a certain area versus something being placed to face a certain direction. The mirror should be placed in the area of the Feng Shui energy you want to bring to your house or your home.

Step 3

Avoid using a mirror to create bad Feng Shui. While there are many areas to place a mirror within your home that will bring good Feng Shui to you, there are also a few places that you should never place a mirror. Never put a mirror in a south position, as it affects your fame and reputation. Likewise, don't put a mirror on the wall that directly faces the front door of your home. (It will reflect any good energy back out of the home.) As well, make sure that any mirrors in your bedroom are not on the wall facing your bed. This will drain your personal energy at a time when you are working to replenish it (during your sleep).

These are the basics of using a mirror to create good Feng Shui. Follow the guidelines and place the mirror in the right Feng Shui area and you will bring good energy to your home.


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