Using Mouse Repellent: Tips on Getting Rid of Mice

Learn About Repellents, Peppermint Oil and Mice

Most households suffer from mice problems. To solve this, different types of repellents are readily available in the supermarket and are a popular source of rodent control. Repellents come in liquid, powder or solid forms and are proven to be effective. However, most of these chemicals are hazardous to the health and the environment. These forms of repellent are especially dangerous if you have children at home. So it is wise that you look for the natural ways to eliminate or control pests in the household. Ensure that the content of the repellents you use are not only safe for children, but are also safe for the environment as well. These tips on getting rid of mice will help you find some safe alternatives.

Peppermint Oil This is known as one of the most effective mouse repellents. With its regular use, you can get rid of these pests in a few weeks.

To make your own peppermint spray, just mix the oil with a small amount of water, enough to dilute the oil. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can spray this mixture in the areas where you find mouse droppings or the areas where they probably nest. Since peppermint is safe and non-toxic, you can spray it near your cupboards, cabinets, food storage, and other areas attractive for mice.

It is best to spray the peppermint mixture directly on the area affected rather than spraying it on cotton balls. This is because once the cotton balls dry up and lose the peppermint scent, the mouse will eventually use it for nesting. Use the spray daily or every other day. Be patient, keep in mind that it might take a few weeks for the mice to eventually leave your house.

Poisons and repellents Poison and other repellents are readily available. If you decide to use these, it is important to check if the repellent you purchased is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This will ensure that it has passed the standards and is safe for the environment.

Opt for the branded repellent rather than the unlabelled and home-made products. Remember, these are hazardous and the manufacturers of branded products are more cautious and have set standards that ensure effectiveness and safety of the product you purchased. Most of the branded products also have customer support that you can call for concerns, especially if you are unsure of how to use their product.

Before using the repellent, read the label thoroughly. Check for special instructions in handling it and be sure to also read the precautionary procedures. It is important to know what to do if it is accidentally swallowed. It is best if you can disseminate this information to all family members and get everyone involved.

To avoid accidents, label the areas where you placed the repellent. These labels should be in red so it can be seen easily. Inform your household that you place mouse repellent so they are aware and can be cautious.

Now you have learned about repellents, peppermint oil and mice. These tips on getting rid of mice should help you control the rodent problem in your house. Good luck! 


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