How To Use Peel and Stick Roll Roofing

Your house will be better protected from the rain and cold weather if your roof is protected and sealed well. There is an application called peel and stick roll. This product is a multi-purpose waterproofing material. It can be used for a lot of applications for houses, farm buildings, roof and gutter waterproofing and even in mobile homes. To use the peel and stick roll for our roofing, you should have a minimum slope pitch of a half-inch per foot. This is to ensure that your peel and stick roll roofing application will work properly without being abused. Here is how to use peel and stick roll in your house’s roofing:

  • Before applying the product, make sure that your roof is clean. Remove any debris or any dirt on your roof. The peel and stick roll will not adhere to any dirty or dusty surfaces. Make sure that your roof is completely dry before installing the peel and stick roll. In this case, you can never apply the product during wet season or winter season. You should schedule the application in summer or when the sun is out and the roof is dry.
  • The next thing you should do is to measure the area where you are to apply the product. Always remember to be accurate in your measurements and that your peel and stick product is ample enough to cover the whole area. Take a roll and lay it out on the roof to ensure its proper coverage. Peel and stick roll can easily be cut by a cutter or a small knife so you know you would not have a hard time fitting it into place.
  • After you lay it on the area, you can easily install it by removing the release paper and then you press the aluminized membrane into the area where you need to put it. Once you made the first layer, take another roll and lay it out on another area. Do not lay it out such that the ends of the roll connect with each other. The ends should always overlap at least 3 inches on side laps and 6 inches in end laps. This is to ensure that the water cannot penetrate through cracks in case some of the peel and stick roll come off in any unfortunate circumstance.
  • Fit the peel and stick in the areas by cutting the edges where it is needed. The product should be fitted perfectly without the ends sticking out except when the product reaches the tip of the roofing slope. You should extend the peel and stick into the wall about 4 and a half inches up to extend it as a flashing. This will ensure that the top of the slope will not have any leakage problem in the future.

You can always enlist the help of a professional handyman in the event that you have a hard time installing the product. Be very careful when you are on the roof. Do not step on the peel and stick roll because it tends to be very slippery and you might slip off on it. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer as an added precaution and support when installing your waterproofing.


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