How To Use Pigeon Spikes

A bird control spike is a device that consists of long, needle like rods. These were specially designed for bird control. This tool is also known as an anti-roosting spike or more commonly known as a pigeon spike. They are usually attached to street lighting, building ledges and commercial signage in order to prevent wild or feral birds from roosting or perching. Pigeons can be unhygienic and unsightly, and they can also produce irritating sounds that can be a nuisance to your neighbors. Pigeon spikes are used to stop pigeons from roosting and perching, and the good thing about this tool is that it prevents birds from perching without killing them.

Pigeon spikes are usually one foot long. The main point of having pigeon spikes is that this tool reduces the area where birds stay. Birds like crows, vultures, pigeons and seagulls are usually the birds that are controlled by this tool. Animal rights groups and agencies recommend pigeon spikes to prevent pigeons from perching.

How to install a pigeon spike:

  • All areas that you intend to stick the spikes onto should be cleared. They should be clean, dry and free from pigeon droppings.

  • Some pigeon spikes come with a special glue or silicone. Apply to the base of the spike. For other cases, you can use nails to apply the spikes to the surface, or tie them down using a rope.

  • You should apply spikes to any gaps (usually 5cm), because pigeons can get behind these gaps.

  • For very wide ledges, 3 or more rows of spikes will be necessary. Make sure the gap between the rows is 5 cm or less.

  • If there is a cavity or hole in the house behind the spikes, pigeons can force their way inside these gaps. Simply putting a spike in front of the hole will not stop the pigeon from forcing itself inside the hole if there is a huge gap.

  • Every effort should be made to spike all possible landing sites. If there are small areas of ledges or pipes, snap the spikes into pieces to apply them in these areas.

This pigeon prevention tool is most commonly used in city centers and coastal areas. It is illegal in some state to kill or to just simply harm birds with no valid reason. This creates pressures on landowners and authorities when it comes to finding a non-lethal bird control method, and controlling wild birds with pigeon spikes is much easier than controlling animals such as raccoons, snakes, and squirrels.

Some pigeon spikes have a feature that electrocutes its victim. This feature is more effective than normal pigeon spikes. Sharp-tipped pigeon spikes are also illegal in other countries. This harms humans who are just passing by. That is why other companies create much safer models that have blunts attached in place of spikes. But blunt spikes are not capable of blocking animals like squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and the like.


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