How To Use Seal-Krete Sealing Product

Seal-krete is a specialty product line for weatherproofing masonry and concrete. Its products include the following categories: paints, cleaners, coatings, and sealers.

For the sealer category, Seal-Krete also offers numerous products depending on its purposes. So the first thing you have to do when using seal-krete sealing products would be to determine for which specific purposes and materials you would be needing it.

Generally, Seal-krete has two types: one for horizontal surfaces (or floors), and another for vertical surfaces (or walls).

For example, Seal-Krete garage floor sealer is meant for making horizontal surfaces, such as asphalt garage floors, patios and porches, more resistant to gasoline stains, automotive chemicals, and oil and grease rings.

Another example is the Seal-Krete Multi-Surface Water Repellent that effectively protects floors from moisture that could potentially damage them in the future. Wall materials that could be helped with seal-krete include concrete, brick, tiles, ceramic tiles, stone, plaster, adobe and wood, among others.

The general rule for applying Seal-Krete sealer on horizontal surfaces is to make sure that the surface is clean and free from cracks and breaks. If the surface has been painted previously, make sure that you sand it first using a sanding machine. Once the surface has been prepared, apply the first coat with a nap roller or nylon brush; apply the second coat perpendicular to the first after 4 to 6 hours.

The total effect that a Seal-Krete sealing product will give on horizontal surfaces is a glossy, matte finish that's scratch, stain and moisture-resistant.

Seal-Krete sealers for vertical surfaces or walls are used to give brick, concrete, stucco, plaster, adobe or stone walls (among others) better protection against rain, wind and other extreme weather.

For vertical surfaces, the general rule for applying Seal-Krete sealers would be to thoroughly prepare surfaces by cleaning and drying them and repairing all surface breaks, and to cover all obstructions and orifices. Use a garden sprayer, airless sprayer, manual or mechanical roller or brush to apply the sealer. It is preferable that you apply it during a windless, sunny day.

Seal-Krete sealers for walls and floors are ready-to-use, so it's important that you do not dilute the sealer for a maximum effect. It may look milky-white upon application, but it would gradually become clear once it gets dry. Also remember that there are some variations on application instructions depending on the type of material the surface is made of, so make sure that you thoroughly understand and follow the instructions posted on the sealer packaging to avoid mistakes. You could also check out the official website of Seal-krete sealers, which is at, where you could find lists of their products with more information on the sealers' effects on different surfaces.

So if you're looking for how to make your floor and wall surfaces more spiffy and easier to maintain, try out these Seal-Krete products. You could also see pictures of surfaces before and after Seal-Krete was applied, and you'd likely be amazed at the difference that it makes. So consider this a worthy investment, and Seal-Krete it!


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