How To Use Tile to Dress Up an Old Mirror

Mirrors are great ways to decorate a house. They can make small spaces look smaller and sometimes, they add that little extra ‘oomph’ to the home! Designer mirrors can cost a lot of money while cheaper mirrors might not have the character and panache you are looking for to jazz up your place. A great home project to do is to use old tiles to dress up an old mirror and give it the second life it deserves!
This is a great home-decoration project that exercises your creativity and physical skills. It may be time-consuming but it’s definitely a work of useful art you can be proud of to show off to friends later on. 

  • Choosing and buying your ceramic tiles. The first step is to identify which ceramic tiles you envision for your mirror. Take a look at your mirror and your home and see what kinds of ceramic tiles would best complement your current décor and the wall that it will be placed on. While some people might opt to use one kind of tile with a single color but you could explore doing a mosaic-style frame. A great place to find tiles are tile stores. They usually have broken tiles that they sell with a large discount (if they aren’t giving them away!). Tile stores also have sales people or owners that can give you tips on your tiles. Make sure you buy enough tiles! Remember, you are going to crush them later on to frame your mirror! It is better to have more than less, to make room for mistakes, etc. 
  • Crushing the tiles. This can be a bit of a messy business, so prepare a large flat area with newspapers. To avoid ricocheting pieces of tiles, you can try putting them in zip-lock bags before crushing them. Another option is to use a towel to cover the tiles. This might destroy the surface you are crushing tiles on so make sure that it is not expensive flooring, a formal table or similar. Perhaps a garage floor would be a better option. Take note of how big or small you want the tiles to be. This is dependent on your design. You can take several differently-sized pieces and hold it up against the mirror to test which size-range would be best. 
  • Sticking on the tiles. Now that you have your tile pieces, you can proceed to applying them on the mirror’s frame (or the mirror itself if your mirror doesn’t have a frame). Ensure you have adhesive made specifically for ceramic. Ask your local hardware store and explain your project.
  • Filling in the gaps. Again, make sure you have ample and proper work spaces for this part. You will need to lay the mirror flat when you work and again this might be messy so be wary of the floor you are doing this on! Work your way around the mirror doing one layer at a time around the mirror. This way, you can check how thick your tile-frame is and stop when you feel you have enough layers. This will quickly fill the gaps you will notice as you go along. Make sure it is nice and dry before hanging it up!

Once done, you can step back and admire your handiwork! It is a home-décor that is definitely one-of-a-kind and borne out of your creativity! 


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