How To Use Trees in Your Landscape

Whether you have a small backyard or a large landscape, filling it with luscious and rich trees is a great way to provide beauty, shade, and value for the vacant land at your home.  Now, you don’t really want your landscape to appear like a natural forest that seems disorganized and erratic.  Careful planning and choosing the trees that you will use is vital if you want to achieve the three goals mentioned previously.  Here are some tips on how to fill your landscape or backyard with trees.

  • Planning.  First thing first, before going ahead and planting trees all over your spacious yard, you may want to do a little planning and some research.  First off, design how you want your yard to look after planting the various greens and trees.  Secondly, you will want to determine which trees to plant.  Obviously, the aspects to keep in mind are theme, shade, and aesthetics when deciding on the trees to go with.  However, don’t forget to take into consideration the climate, the soil, and the risks to your home when choosing the trees to plant.  Some trees may not develop in certain climates and soil.  This being said, make sure to choose trees that can survive in your area.  Consider the risks that other trees can bring when picking what to plant.  Some trees, like conifers and pine trees are highly flammable.  This being the case, you may want to avoid these trees.  In any case, it would be wise of you do some planning and research first.
  • Shade.  One of the most practical uses of trees is the shade it gives us people.  When designing your landscape, consider planting the trees you selected where it can provide the best amount of shade and comfort possible.  This way, you and your family can have fun under the trees without having to worry about the hot sun and its harmful UV rays.  If possible, position a few trees to shade your house as well especially if your climate is rather hot.  This can provide your home with some cooling that can prove quite useful during the hotter seasons.
  • Aesthetics.  When planting trees, take into consideration the most optimal design to make your yard look beautiful and pleasing to the eye.  You can accomplish this any number of ways by lining up complementing trees around the yard or by planting trees that produce wonderful flowers at specific seasons.  When planting them, consider lining them up based on the flow of your overall garden theme.
  • Food.  Planting fruit trees such as mango, apple, and orange trees is always a preferred option for many people wanting to make their yard more productive.  While other people opt for beauty, some people opt to plant trees that will provide fruits which the family can enjoy during harvests. 

Aside from these uses, you can always use your trees to make your home and yard more private.  This will involve planting your trees thick around the edges of your property.  In the end, regardless of what you hope to accomplish, planting trees in your yard to serve any purpose is always a good move since it automatically allows you to contribute to a greener and healthier earth.


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