How To Use Unusual Upholstery Fabrics

Do you have tons of fabric sitting inside your closet or beddings that are not being used? Do you have an old model chair that needs upgrading? Are you thinking of bringing this chair in for professional reupholstering? Think again. You can use unusual materials that you already have sitting around in your home to reupholster your chair.  Let your imagination roam--from old T-shirts to tablecloths to your favorite leather jacket--and use unusual upholstery fabrics and do the job yourself.  Here are step-by-step instructions to re-upholstering using unusual fabrics.

  1. Examine your furniture. Take down all the details needed. Make sure that you note any welting or buttons in the furniture. Check if the material was either sewn or stapled.  Identify which fabric should come off first. 
  2. Slowly remove the covering. Do not throw the covering away. You can still use the covers as a pattern later on. It is also helpful if you label the fabric according to the sequence that you remove it from the furniture.
  3. Use the old fabric as your pattern. Carefully cut your unusual fabric (be it your old leather jacket or your unused bed sheet) according to the shape of your pattern. It is helpful to put in a few inches of allowance to make room for any errors.
  4. Reverse the order when you are putting in the new upholstery. Start with the last pattern that was removed from the furniture.  Make sure that there are no wrinkles. Staple, sew or glue the fabric according to the characteristics of the fabric you have chosen. Do the same thing to all the patterns until you are finished. 

Step back and appreciate your work of art. You have just put to effective use the fabric that has long been waiting for you in your closet while at the same time, regain the life of your old chair that has been in your attic or garage unused.


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