How To Use Various Types of Picture Hangers

Hanging pictures is not as simple as placing a hook on the wall and then mounting the frame on it. You actually need to use particular picture hangers to make sure there is enough support for the weight of the frame. Picture hangers are classified according to their capacity – or how much weight they can carry. To ensure that the pictures are properly supported, make use of picture hooks that can carry weight that is four times heavier than the picture.

Here are helpful tips in using various types of picture hangers:

  • Know the weight of the picture you are going to hang. Take note too of the picture frame material. Heavy pictures need hooks that can hold the frame securely. Also, if the frame has a glass, you should make sure the picture hook is sturdy enough to hold the weight. If the hook is not stable, the picture might fall and the glass will break and might result to accidents.
  • Go to your local hardware stores and look at the picture hangers available. The most well-liked picture hooks are those made of metal. There are also wooden hooks that are as strong but the downside is that they can break or chip off. Thus for heavier pictures, a thicker wooden hook should be used.
  • Scrutinize the picture hangers in the hardware store. Ask for assistance and recommendation from the sales assistants. Look at the sample displays in their showroom and compare the hooks and the different frames mounted on them.
  • Make sure the hook has enough screws for support. An ideal picture hanger has three hooks to hold the three corners of its brace. For bigger pictures, the anchor should be thick enough to hold the frame. 
  • Never make the mistake of hanging pictures that are heavier than the load the hanger can accommodate. The picture will surely fall and the wall might even be damaged if the hanger goes off with the picture. This might create an ugly hole on the wall and it can entail more expenses for the repair. You may have saved money by buying less expensive picture hangers, but the cost of the repair, plus other resulting damages and the possibility of getting someone hurt can cost you more.
  • Have the picture hangers custom made by your carpenter. If you are having your house constructed, it is a good idea to include the pictures you want to hang in the house plan. Your planner and the carpenter can execute the layout and install custom made hangers for your frames.
  • Simply use small screws for light pictures. There are pictures that are very light (with plastic frames and with no glass cover) so that a half inch screw will suffice.
  • Make sure the surface of your wall can hold the picture hangers. There are walls that are hollow in the inside hence they cannot provide the needed support for the picture hangers. You can remedy this by mounting the hangers on small cubes of wood before screwing the hangers on the wall.

As picture hangers come in various shapes and sizes, you may as well ask for a catalogue from sales assistants to help you decide more easily which items to choose.


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