How To Welcome Spring with a Cheerful Front Porch Display

Your front porch is your first opportunity to welcome guests and there is no better way to provide a warm welcome than with spring time porch decor. After a long dreary winter, bring a little color to your porch and provide a warm welcome to everyone who comes to your door.

Step 1

Start with a Wreath
Dress up your front door with a cheerful springtime wreath. Craft stores and home good stores are overflowing with wreaths in springtime motifs, from bunnies to brightly colored eggs to floral embellishments of every kind. Or make a wreath that's uniquely "you" by creating one yourself. Start with a grapevine wreath, floral picks, vines and blooms that say spring, and your choice of accessories and a bow.

Step 2

Welcoming Antique Touches
Any metal container, from an antique ash bin, to buckets and watering cans, can be made into a charming planter. Give galvanized buckets a little color by painting the exterior in sunny shades of yellow. Any container that will be filled with live plants must have drainage holes, so start by drilling drainage holes in the bottom of your metal container of choice, and then add potting soil and granular fertilizer according to package directions. Add a few packs cold-hardy pansies; their cheerful little "faces" will brighten up even the gloomiest rainy day in spring. When the weather starts to warm up for summer and the pansies begin to fade, replace them with summer blooming annuals like geraniums, impatiens, petunias or lobelia.

Step 3

Statuary and Decorative Garden Items
There truly is no end to the choices available in decorative touches for the porch. Wherever you look, from home improvement stores, craft stores, garden centers and warehouse stores, to the Internet and catalogs, you'll find a truckload of decorative items that can be used on the porch.

  • Ladders and plant stands let you display pots of flowers in bloom, small statuary or a collection of watering cans.
  • Old antique chairs can hold a basket of flowers or insert a wire basket full of blooms right into the seat frame.
  • Footed urns add elegance and height. Use them in pairs to create formal symmetry. Choose sophisticated greens like sheared boxwood topiary or fill them full of colorful flowering plants. Try a fleur-de-lis planter with a gently distressed finish for a touch of Old World sophistication.
  • Ceramic, metal and concrete decorative statues and figurines are looking for a home on your front porch. Choose from bunnies, frogs, ladybugs, snails, hedgehogs, birds, dogs and cats. The list goes on forever.
  • Add a decorative flag to your porch that welcomes spring with robins and tulips or chicks and Easter eggs. The Internet will direct you to multiple suppliers of flags for every theme and every type of holder.
  • A tricycle or bicycle planter makes old fashioned style fresh again with baskets that will hold pots of fresh flowers. Mini wheelbarrows are another charming option.
  • Flower boxes below the windows or upon a railing adds country appeal that you can change with the seasons.
  • Welcome friends and guests to stay awhile with a pair of timeless rocking chairs, a traditional bench, or a classic porch swing.
  • Set out a fresh welcome mat abloom with the colors of spring.
  • Hang wind chimes from above to make a joyful noise that carries on warm spring breezes.

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