How To Whitewash Painted Furniture

Are you tired of looking at the same furniture over and over again? You probably go home from work, look at that same old furniture and think to yourself, "I'm so tired of this furniture that I think I'll just take a nap."

If the above description applies to you, then you should seriously consider giving your furniture a makeover. One way of having a furniture make over is applying whitewash to your old furniture. If you have furniture which you have been using for years and you are already bored with, you may try to give it a new look by applying the famous "whitewashing method" on your furniture.

Whitewashing your furniture is one way to give your furniture new, vibrant life by putting whitewash or white paint on your furniture. Whitewashing furniture is widely utilized in country style homes for its ability to create a country style living atmosphere. If you are not familiar with how to whitewash painted furniture, here's how you can do it.

Clean the furniture that you want to whitewash. If the color of your table's centerpiece does not match your new sofa set, you may want to try whitewashing it. But before you can begin, you have to make sure that it's clean and free of any dust. Wipe your table with moist cloth to remove all the dirt or you may wash and scrub it with soap. Put it outside your house and let the heat of the sun dry the moist.

Prepare your materials. While waiting for your table to dry, prepare the materials you will need in whitewashing. You will need a whitewash, paintbrush, sanding tool, goggles and protective tarp. Make sure you have all of the materials mentioned so you will not have a hard time looking for the materials once you start your whitewashing work.

Whitewash painted furniture. Smooth the furniture with the use of a sanding tool to remove the original paint of the table. If you still want to retain the original color of the paint making it appear through your whitewash you may rub your table lightly with the sanding tool.

But if you want your table to be all white in color, you will need to eliminate all the traces of original paint. After sanding, wipe your furniture with a damp cloth to eradicate traces of paint on the furniture.

You may also wash your table with the water to completely remove all the traces and let the table dry normally. If the table is already dry, apply the whitewash with the use of a paintbrush. Start applying whitewash to the hidden area in a dabbing way and apply wide sweep stroke in the large area.

Cover the entire furniture with the whitewash and let it dry completely. If you are not satisfied with the look you may apply another coat of whitewash to make it appear darker. After applying the second coat let the table dry normally.

Whitewashing painted furniture is a great way to give your furniture a new and exciting look. It is also one way of recycling your furniture to give it new life with a very minimal cost. But whitewashing painted furniture involves patience and hard work for you to produce clean and beautiful whitewashed furniture.


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