How To Wrap Flowers for a Gift

Flowers are a good gift for special occasions. The only problem is that it's not convenient to wrap it as a gift, because it is perishable. But if you know how to preserve a flower to use as a gift, then your loved ones will surely appreciate the thought and effort you put into it.

  • Decide on a container for your wrapped flower bouquet. You can use recyclables to save some money. Old milk bottles, canisters, paper towel tubes, old lamps and wire or rubber band to fasten your flower bouquet can be a good idea if you're environmentally-conscious. This will be a boost for your creativity as well as conserving the environment.
  • If you purchased loose flowers, bind them to make a bouquet. You can use any binding materials like ribbons, colored strings, wires and silk scarves or be creative by using unusual scrap materials like papers, colored paper, calendars or even leather.
  • Bind the stems of the flowers just about 2 inches beginning from the bottom. This will make the flowers look like a bouquet. Add another binding 2 to 4 inches above the first rubber band if the flower has a very long stem.
  • Get a wet small towel or wet napkin and place it at the bottom of the bouquet. Cover all the stems of the flowers so the flower bouquet will have a longer life and keep them fresh before you wrap them.
  • If you purchase the flowers too early and you want them to be fresh all day long, get a plastic bag or any container and pour some water into to it. On the container is filled, place the flower bouquet in it. This will be a temporary vase for your flower bouquet until you wrap or give it.
  • Get a wrapper that fits the occasion. If you are sending those flower bouquets for a person who is leaving, you can buy a wrapper with colorful maps. For anniversary or wedding celebrations, white wrappers are a good choice. For graduation, be creative by putting the flowers on a book with a graduation ornament. If you are planning to give the flower bouquet on mother's day, get a wrapper which states "Happy Mother's Day," or just a buy one with a heart design. 
  • Estimate the size of wrapper you will be using to conserve some wrappers. You can use excess wrapper for other occasions, so be sure to get one that can fit the whole bouquet.
  • Flatten the wrapper and place the bouquet on the edge. Place it perfectly so you can't see the stems at the bottom. After that, roll the bouquet gently, such that the wrapper covers it, and until all portions of the flowers are wrapped up. You can also be creative with the wrapping by applying different methods. If you will have the bouquet delivered, you can wrap it in a box with an open or clear face.
  • Use a rubber band or wire to fasten the bottom of the wrapped flowers. This will make the flowers bind together with the wrapper. It is also used to prevent the bottom stems from coming out.


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