How To Wrap Flowers in Cellophane

Flowers make great gifts because of the meaning they convey and the ease with which they can be bought. The only problem with this gift is it can be difficult to wrap. Flowers can easily dry up if you don't keep them in water. Flowers are also sensitive and easily damaged if you don't handle them correctly.

But don't worry. There is a material which is suitable for gift wrapping flowers: cellophane. Cellophane is a good choice for wrapping material because it protects the flowers. Cellophane is a plastic material, so you can spray water on the flowers to keep them fresh, which is something you can not do with paper wrappers. If you want to know how to use cellophane to wrap and protect your flowers, consult these steps. 

  • Buy cellophane from a local store or flower shop. There are different varieties of cellophane available in the market. If you want to give your flowers a vibrant look, you can purchase cellophane with some colorful designs on it.
  • Prepare the flowers before you start wrapping them in cellophane. When you buy flowers, bind them with the use of wires or rubber bands to make a bouquet. If the sizes of the flowers are not the same, cut the larger ones so the flowers are uniform and can easily be wrapped in cellophane. If you are picking flowers with thorns, like roses, cut the dangerous. The thorns can damage the cellophane when you begin the wrapping.
  • Separate the good flowers from the bad. Handpick the fresh flowers and place them in a small container. These are the flowers you are sending to your relatives or loved ones. For those flowers that are in a bad condition, try saving them if you can. If you cannot do anything about them, dispose of them properly. In order to keep your flowers from becoming dry, after you purchase them, get a container and fill it with water. Place the flowers in the container.
  • Get the fresh flowers and group them depending on the amount you want in a single bouquet. In order to bind the flowers, use a piece of string, wire or a rubber band. Try to be creative when binding the flowers. Make sure that they are perfectly arranged so they will look beautiful inside the cellophane. After arranging them, get your cellophane and begin wrapping the flower bouquet. Estimate the amount of cellophane that you will use. You can use it again in other flower wrappers.
  • Wrap around the flower bouquet at least 2 times for a perfect gift wrap. Flatten the cellophane on a desk and place the flowers there. Start rolling the cellophane and cover it 2 times for protection. If the flower bouquet is completely wrapped, place a wire or a rubber band on the bottom of the bouquet to keep the stems from sliding down.

If you want to be creative, decorate the bouquet by tying some ribbons on it. The color of the ribbons must match with the flowers for the bouquet to become beautiful. After the process, spray it with water so the flowers will not dry easily.


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