How To Write a Dinner Menu

When inviting guests for dinner you should always give what’s best on the table. Whether big or small, the food or the meal course is considered a highlight of any occasion. So when you’re the one assigned for this, be sure to handle the pressure.

One thing to help you overcome the pressure is by the aid of a dinner menu. Writing a dinner menu will definitely help you to be organized and ready for this daunting task. It will benefit you in more ways you can imagine. To help you more, here are several guidelines to write your own dinner menu.

  • Pre-dinner considerations. There are a lot of things to consider when making your own dinner menu. But the two most essential factors before making your own dinner menu are determining your budget and estimating the number of guests.
Keep in mind that you must be within your budget. Knowing the number of guests will also help you to plan ahead for your food choices. You can have the rough estimate with these figures and be able to maximize every cent for your menu.
  • Research on different menu courses. Be familiar with different kinds of food in various menu courses. Have time to identify its recipe, ingredients, preparation and even the best way for serving it. A very good tip for choosing what to serve is to have one that is already tried and tested. Venturing in a hit or miss menu on your own is both time consuming and is not cost effective. Remember that most menus have compatible courses from appetizers to dessert so it’s best not to deviate from them entirely. Look for alternative meals that could be inserted to your menu template and choose one which you prefer.
  • Creating your own dinner menu. Be original and creative in making your own dinner menu. Choose course selections from your researched menus that are to your own taste and liking. Remember to alternate the courses between light and heavy meals. Write down every detail about each meal and print it. It will serve as a guideline on how the things will flow on the dinner night.
Entice your guests by making each meal sound like a gourmet masterpiece. You can have “fried chicken” be turned to “Golden brown chicken with garlic sauce”; the possibility for this is endless.
  • Last reminders. Stick to the order of your menu to prevent guests waiting in between their courses. Have ample amount of servings per person to let them taste and enjoy everything you have prepared. It’s always courteous to serve women first then the elderly and men last.

To see people satisfied with their meal on your own dinner menu is truly fulfilling. You have that sense of accomplishment like any chef would have. Meeting or even exceeding expectations of your guests would definitely put a smile on your face.

Hosting any occasion would be fun and easy when you write your own dinner menu. So for now, enjoy the night and be filled with cheers and good food!


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