How To Furnish and Design Bedrooms

When you think about it, our lives revolve around the bedroom. Our day starts when we get up from our beds and ends when we get back in it to sleep. We do the most personal, everyday rituals within the confines of our bedroom—not only sleeping and resting, but also dressing up and making ourselves ready and presentable to face a brand new day ahead. Our room is also our personal haven and sanctuary—a special space of our own where we can relax and pamper ourselves. It is only second nature that we give our own bedroom the importance and sanctity that it deserves. And this is seen in the way that we present, design, style, and furnish our bedrooms. What a person’s bedroom looks like can say much about his own personality. It can also affect his mood. So in styling your bedroom, you should take your own needs and preferences into consideration.

Here are some ideas for bedroom design and furnishing that you might find useful.

  1. Build on a theme. Designing a bedroom starts with a vision—a theme. If you have a particular theme in mind or an overall look and mood you would like your bedroom to project, you can easily gather other ideas as you go along. Explore your preferred theme, mood, design, or style first. There are so many to choose from—Traditional, Modern, French-style, Asian-inspired, English garden, Classic American, Country, Whimsical, etc. You can flip through books, magazines or catalogues, browse through interior design websites, watch lifestyle or home TV shows to get tips and ideas as you plan and customize your own bedroom look.
  2. Buy and install the basics. Remember to procure the basics first. A bed, a cabinet and some drawers for your clothes and other stuff, a nightstand, lighting fixtures, a lamp, a lounge seat or comfortable chairs, are just some of the essentials. You need not buy expensive ones, what’s important is to stick to your budget and scout all kinds of furniture and department stores, even flea markets and boutiques until you find the pieces that would go very well with the theme and overall look you have in mind. Make sure that you never sacrifice comfort, durability, and quality too.
  3. Add the extras and complementing pieces. Are you an avid reader of books and can’t call it a night until you finish a chapter before you turn in? You can put a slim bookcase in a cozy corner, with a relaxing lounge seat or sofa to complete your own reading space. However if you’ve got quite a limited space, a night table that can hold a book or two and some stuff you keep within reach would do. If watching TV can effectively lull you to sleep, get a decorative and functional cabinet with a space that could hold not just your stuff, but also your TV and hide it from view when not in use. This is also an effective space-saving technique. If you want to keep all your clothes and fashionable items nearby, it’s better to invest in a huge and beautiful armoire or cabinets with lots of drawers and storage space. If your goal is to keep your bedroom as a haven purely for rest and relaxation, free from all kinds of distractions, include items for this sole purpose. You might want to place a small Zen fountain on a corner table, a vase of fresh flowers, some aromatherapy candles, incense burner and sticks, potpourri, some decorative elements…you get the idea. Aim for balance, harmony, and beauty but don’t overdo it. These things will not only help you to relax but it could also create a romantic and dreamy vibe that would surely make your room the best part of your home.


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