Install Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds give your home a natural look that you'll be sure to love. There are several types and grains of wood that blinds are made of, leaving you with flexible choices when selecting wood blinds. The installation of wood blinds is quite an easy process that you can do on your own. After reading this short set of instructions, you should be able to install your own wood blinds and save money on professional blind installation.

  1. The first step in a successful blind installation is to examine the manner in which your blinds are mounted. Blinds may be mounted internally, or externally. The headrail unit for the blinds should be held evenly and in the center of the frame to ensure optimal blind function after installation. In the event that your blinds have an outside mount, make a pencil mark 1/8" on either side of the head rail. This is where the installation brackets will be placed later in the installation process. For inside mounts, make a pencil mark below the head rail on each side.
  2. Your blind kit should include mounting brackets and screws which are custom sized for the proper installation of your blinds. Referring to the blind installation instructions that have come with your blinds, use the screws to mount the brackets in the appropriate places of your window frame. Often the exact placement and measurements will vary from installation to installation, so please consult your particular instruction manual for optimal blind balance.
  3. The next step in the blind installation process is the actual hanging of the blinds. If you have properly measured and installed the mounting brackets as outlined in the previous steps of the installation process, the top unit of your blinds should easily snap into place. To be sure you have installed the blinds correctly, it is often best at this point to use a level to ensure that the top unit of your blinds are evenly balanced.
  4. An optional step in the course of installing your blinds involves a hold down bracket. If you so desire, you may install small pins that will permanently hold the bottom slat of your blinds in place. Again, please refer to the instructions for your particular model of blinds for proper installation.

Now that your blinds have been installed, it is recommended that regular cleaning and maintenance be performed post installation. This can be as simple as wiping with a damp cloth or using mild soap.


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