Make a Homemade Fish Aquarium Filter

An aquarium filter is the most essential device in maintaining cleanliness in an aquarium. It helps keep the water clean and helps the fishes stay healthy and disease-free. These filters remove physical and chemical waste. It makes the maintenance of the aquarium easier. While it filters the water, it gives oxygen to your fishes as well.

Here is the list of materials needed to create your own homemade fish aquarium filter.

  • 2L plastic bottle (any soda bottle would do)
  • PVC pipe (7 inches)
  • Fork
  • Air tubing (from air pump)
  • Charcoal
  • Filter wool
  • Sponge
  • Air pump

Be sure to gather all the materials before starting the procedure, as this will reduce the workload and stress.

Now here are some steps on making a homemade fish aquarium filter:

  1. Clean the 2L plastic bottle and remove the entire label.
  2. Cut off 4 ½ inches from the top of the plastic bottle using a razor sharp knife or a sharp pair of scissors to create the inner part of the filter. The inner part is the top portion of the bottle. Be cautious while doing this procedure.
  3. Remove the plastic bottle cap from the bottle and discard it.
  4. Heat the fork; this will help you punch numerous holes on the top portion of the bottle (inner part of the filter).
  5. Get the heated fork to melt holes in the plastic all around the bottle top.
  6. Attach 2 inches of the PVC pipe into the top of the plastic bottle. Make sure that the PVC pipe fits the opening.
  7. Now, push the top portion with holes all the way (with the neck upright) inside the bottle. Be sure that it is securely intact inside the outer bottle. Note: make sure that the PVC pipe is not too tall to break the water’s surface.
  8. Get the air tubing and insert it inside the PVC pipe. Make sure that it passes through the PVC pipe completely and extends into the inner bottle.
  9. Use the sponge to secure the air tubing inside the PVC pipe. Place it on the top of the PVC pipe.
  10. Attach the other end of the air tubing to the air pump.
  11. Load the charcoal inside the outer bottle for about 2 inches. Make sure that it completely surrounds the inner bottle’s top. Use your fingers to level the charcoal inside.
  12. Now, fill the rest of the outer bottle with filter wool. Press it down with your fingers to secure it inside the bottle. Leave ½ an inch between the wool and the top surface of the outer bottle.
  13. Place the completed filter inside the aquarium and secure it in place until it is filled by water. The water will hold the position of the water filter.
  14. Last thing to do is to turn on the air pump.

Now you have created your own homemade fish aquarium filter. This device will work because of the uplift caused by the bubbles. This will take the water through the charcoal and the filter wool, thereby filtering the aquarium’s water. This is very efficient because you save yourself a lot of money by not buying filters from pet shops or specialist aquarium shops.


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