How To Find Medallion Tile Flooring

Choosing to cover any space in your own home, office, or any functional area you have with medallion tile flooring is a great idea. Medallion tile flooring comes in many different designs, shapes, colors, textures, and materials. If you are already set on covering a designated space with medallion tile floors, the next important step is to look for manufacturers, designers, design companies, or design shops that provide both medallion tile products and services. If you can't seem to choose anything from their available selections, you can have it customized according to your own preference. You can even draw your own design or present a picture that you like to manufacturers and designers, and these professionals would come up with your desired look for tiles. Here are some of them.

  1. Creative Edge. The name Creative Edge is fitting for the company indeed, since they were the pioneers of the waterjet technology used in cutting medallion tiles. The nationwide-leading company enjoys an excellent reputation and specializes in both residential and commercial projects. They have worked with various and well-known companies, offices, and public structures. Their website presents a beautifully compiled and comprehensive portfolio showcasing their whole product line. And once you get a glimpse of their designs and selections, you'll get to admire the exquisite craftsmanship behind them. Some of their works include ceramic kitchen countertops and porcelain kitchen tile floors. Unique designs are prevalent, circular shapes are commonly used, but other shapes and patterns, even diamond patterns, can be requested. The colors of the materials they use are rich and brilliant, and some even include touches of gold, silver, and bronze.  
  2. Monticello Tile Design. Aside from making high-quality water-jet cut floor medallions, Monticello also makes accent tiles, border tiles with diamond patterns, subway tiles, and stone rugs. They have a standard material pallette that includes natural stones, metal, glass, and porcelain. If specified, the designers can even use materials that clients themselves supply them with. Visit their website and check out their online catalog at
  3. Medallion Depot. Medallion Depot boasts of artistry in stone. Specializing in medallion and mosaic designs, they use high technology CAD and scanning software to create a myriad of designs from a multitude of sources: digital images, sketches, photos, and even clip art. One of their specialties is setting official logos and symbols for organizations, groups, or schools onto medallion tiles. Some of their customized works are featured on their website
  4. Waterjet Wonders. Decorative tile flooring is the specialty of Waterjet Wonders. They work on residential and commercial projects, creating wall and floor medallions, border tiles, and murals. Their collection of medallions and murals are available online at

Just a reminder for those new to medallion tile flooring - a medallion tile is not to be confused with a medallion stamp, which is used to embellish papers and cards. It is also not related to medallion necklaces.

It can be said that medallion tile floors can indeed spruce up any designated area, and depending on the colors and design, can even brighten up a room and make a unique statement. For residential spaces, it can serve as decorative pieces that add warmth and beauty the family would enjoy at home. For commercial spaces, it adds a decorative element that would surely complement your work area or business.


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