Natural Cigarette Odor Remedies for Wood Furniture

Flea markets and resale shops are great sources for used wood furniture that might be an ideal addition for a room in your home at a very affordable price. But when you get the furniture home you may realize that it came with unwanted cigarette odor. Wood furniture that has been exposed to cigarette smoke in enclosed spaces can absorb that cigarette smoke and odor. Try these methods to rid wood furniture of cigarette odor without resorting to harsh chemicals and completely stripping and refinishing the furniture.

Step 1

Start with a Thorough Cleaning

Your first step is to clean the wood. Use a natural oil soap intended for wood, and mix it with warm water according to label instructions. Clean all interior and exterior surfaces using a clean rag or terry cloth towel; rinse and wipe dry. Change the soap and water solution as needed; you may be surprised at all the grime that ends up in the bucket!

If possible, let the furniture air dry outdoors in the sunshine for several hours. Sun and fresh air will assist in drying the furniture and will also help remove any odors that have been absorbed by the wood. Remove drawers and leave doors open so that air can penetrate all recesses of the furniture. Once the furniture has air dried thoroughly, try one or more of these natural odor-absorbing techniques to completely rid your new piece of furniture of that nasty tobacco smell.

Step 2

Natural Odor Absorbing Techniques

  • White vinegar is one of the best natural odor removers.  Carefully place bowls of ordinary white vinegar on saucers or trays in closed drawers and cabinets. If allowed to sit for several days, the vinegar will gradually absorb the odor of any residual cigarette smoke.
  • Newsprint is another excellent odor-absorbing material. Loosely crumple several sheets of black and white newsprint, and place them inside tightly closed cabinets and drawers, leaving them in place for several days to remove odors.
  • A good cup of coffee can get you going in the morning, and ground coffee is one of the best chemical-free options for removing smoke odors from wood furniture. In fact, it has been used for decades to remove bad odors from semi trailers, as well as restaurant refrigerators and freezers. Place bowls of ground coffee inside tightly closed cabinets and drawers for several days to absorb odors.  To remove the smell of cigarette smoke from the outside as well as the inside of wood furniture, place each completely dry drawer or piece of furniture separately inside plastic trash bags; add a bowl filled with freshly ground coffee inside each tightly closed bag. Allow the bags to remain sealed for at least three days, depending on the severity of the odor problem. The smell of coffee will gradually dissipate after removal, and when properly cleaned beforehand, the furniture will no longer smell of cigarette smoke.
  • Baking soda is an inexpensive and effective option for removing odor. As with other materials, place open boxes or shallow bowls of natural baking soda inside closed drawers and cabinet doors to remove cigarette odor, leaving a natural fresh scent in its wake.
  • Natural clay kitty litter will completely draw all moisture out of your furniture after cleaning, taking any offensive odor with it. The litter can be placed inside closed furniture in shallow bowls or paper sacks. After a few days, the furniture will be fresh and odor free.

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