Organize Your Garage by Learning How To Build Garage Shelves

carpentry hand tools arranged in wall shelves

Wondering how to build garage shelves? Planning and building a new shelving space might be easier than you think. You can finish most jobs with just two tools: a saw and a hammer.

It's how you use those tools that matter, and that's exactly what we've got lined up for you today. If you're ready to build your own garage shelves so you can impress your friends when next they visit, read on.

Start with Your Organization

Yes, you need shelves. This is an article all about DIY garage shelves, so of course, you need shelves - but to build proper shelving units, you must have some idea of what you plan to put on the shelves.

That's where your garage organization comes in. Start by cleaning your garage from floor to ceiling. Put all tools and equipment in their proper place.

Whatever is leftover obviously needs a new home. That might be on one of the shelves you're building or it might be your nearest recycling bin. Also, determine whether any of the tools and equipment that you stored needs a housing upgrade.

If so, is a new shelf the answer? When you finish, write a list of all the items that need a new home. In your head, group them and determine the number and size of shelves you need.

Finally, take some measurements in your garage. Get a rough layout of where you want to build the shelves. Be sure to leave at least a foot of empty space between your new installation and your vehicle.

How to Build Garage Shelves Right the First Time

For simplicity's sake, we'll focus on 2x4 storage shelving. It's simple, and you can upgrade or downgrade it as needed. It's also the perfect shelving for big awkward tools and equipment, such as your pneumatic drills and 4-season tent.

Height and Width: how large do you want your garage storage space? Leave plenty of room for odd-size or awkward equipment. Remember to leave enough room for vehicles.

Drill into Studs: You're going to drill your 2x4 lumber directly into your garage wall. You must first find the studs on the wall. You can tap on the wall using your finger or you can use a stud finder.

Cut your 2x4 to length, then screw the 2x4 into the wall horizontally. Repeat these steps for each shelf you install. When you finish, you'll have something resembling a hamburger made of lumber on your wall.

Cleats: Now your garage storage shelves need cleats and legs upon which to rest. Each cleat should be the width of your shelf. You'll also want two legs to support the weight.

Plywood Base: finally, cut pieces of plywood to rest on the base. Nail each piece down before you finish.

Most folks finish by sprucing up the rest of their garage. That might mean simply hanging a horseshoe, or it could include a full workover, such as the Garage Force process.

What about you? How much steam do you have left now that the jobs over? Do you have enough to make your garage the best in your neighborhood?

What's Next?

Now you know how to build garage shelves. The key is to plan out your job. That includes everything from the cuts you'll make to the materials you'll need.

Once you plan it out, allow room for mistakes. Construction is just like any new hobby. You'll get better with practice.

If you found this information insightful, skip on over to our huge library full of other great reads on all things home, garden, and hobby. Good luck with your shelving project!


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