Organizing and Decorating your Breezeway

Breezeways are an excellent feature because they allow easy access between the garage and the rest of your home. They can also help keep your home cleaner by trapping some of the dirt from the garage. Unfortunately, all too often, a breezeway can become a place for thrown off shoes, backpacks, coats, and bags. You can transform your breezeway into an area that is functional while being stylish. Here are some suggestions to get you started on turning this entry room into a beautiful space.

Step 1

Cleaning up Clutter
Because it is on the way out to the car, keeping shoes, coats, and outerwear in the breezeway is natural. It also prevents the clothing from sneaking into the rest of the house and cluttering it up. Keeping these pieces organized in such a small place is no easy task though, so you have to contain the clutter by creating storage. Before organizing, clean out the area and toss anything that you do not use or is damaged in any way. A closet is a great feature in a breezeway, so if you are lucky enough to have one, clean it out and use it. Add more shelves in the closet, so it is easier to store things. You can place small items in baskets on shelves. Put up wall hooks or use a hall tree for extra storage or if you do not have a closet. A bench can serve as a seat and double as a storage area. Do not forget to use wire bins for balls and toys and key hooks, so you will always know where they are on your way out.

Step 2

Wall Mirrors

You will have to choose your furnishings sparingly because you will not have much room in the breezeway, but try to include a wall mirror. A mirror will give you one last chance to check yourself before heading out. Mirrors also act as a great decorative accent without taking up much space. Hang your mirror above a bench or table. Because it will be one of a few accessories, choose a mirror that makes a statement. You can also hang art, awall planter, or plaques near the mirror in order to create a focal point.

Step 3

Tips with Mirrors

  • If you have a breezeway with a row of windows along one wall, hang mirrors opposite them to increase the lighting and make the small space seem larger. Additionally, it will balance out the breezeway by giving the illusion of two rows of windows rather than just one.
  • Having only one window in the breezeway may not seem like very much, but you can make that window create a big difference by placing a mirror opposite. You can also hang other mirrors the same size as the window along both walls to make it look like there is a row of windows. If you want to give the place a view, glue photos of outdoor scenes onto the mirrors to make it seem as if you can see outside.
  • You can also purchase mirror with hooks and a shelf in order to put odds and ends like sunglasses, hats, and keys. This will ensure you do not find yourself scrambling for keys when running out.

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