How To Personalize a Wooden Picture Frame

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Picture frames are made up of aluminum, plastic and wood - the latter being the most prestigious and most common. Most photo frames contain a pane glass or acrylics such as Polycast, Lucite and Pexiglass. Glass and glass substitutes primarily function to protect the pictures from draft, dust or any substance that could lessen its durability.

Many prefer wooden picture frames because of their notable elegance and antique feel. They enhance the exquisiteness of the pictures they hold. With our guide and your imagination, you will be able to make a personalized wooden picture frame suitable for all occasions.

Here's what you'll need to do before you start.

  • Choose a picture frame. For beginners, it is best to start off with a picture frame that has a wide margin around the picture to facilitate a larger working space. Keep the details of the frame to a minimum. A frame with fine details will demand you to keep a certain theme related to the design of the frame you chose. If you're thinking of putting collage pictures inside, choose something bigger.
  • Gather the materials needed. Aside from the picture frame, you will also need the following:
    1. Paint - Choose light brown to medium brown shades. Depending on your imagination, you could also purchase different shades of colors of green to give an earthly feel or yellow or orange to brighten the wooden color of your frame.
    2. Paint brush
    3. Paint tubes
    4. Accessories - buttons, seashells, beads, stickers
    5. Glue gun - which will definitely come in handy.

Once you have gathered all the needed materials, it's time to make the right side of the brain work. Here are some ideas to help you personalize your photo frame creatively.

  1. Wooden letters - Cut out small letters from pieces of cardboard. You could spell out anything from names to birthdays, messages like "I Love You" to tags such as "Batch '08." Or you could also cut out shapes, which you think would fit well with your theme. Dip the paint brush in a light brown or medium brown paint. Make sure the color of the paint does not match the color of your picture frame to avoid camouflaging the letters. Dry the paint brush off on a separate sheet of paper. Once dry, start brushing them on the letters you cut out. Notice how it gives a faux wood effect. Then, glue them across the picture frame using the glue gun.
  2. Using accessories - You could use beads and stickers to spell out your messages if you don't want to use wooden letters. Seashells can be used for those pictures taken from the beach. Miniature socks work for baby pictures. Maybe you could squeeze out patterns using paint tubes - use metallic paints for this. Or try leaving a kiss mark at the inside part of the acrylics.

There are lots of things you can do to personalize your picture frames. You can even try looking online. Online stores have the latest technologies that enable them to engrave your desired concepts. They also have layouts and design suggestions that you might like.


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