How To Use Portable Folding Tables

Foldable furniture is an ingenious invention that lets you save an incredible amount of space in these times when maximum space utilization is encouraged and smaller living areas are preferred by house-owners. Having your own folding table and possibly folding chairs to go with it enables you to use extra room for something else, or brighten up the place a bit by having wider open spaces. It is also a great way of entertaining guests and making them feel they are always welcome and thought of.  Because of their versatility, size and lightweight property, folding tables are portable—perfect for camping trips, picnics, or when you just need an extra elevated surface. So what are your choices?  Below are a few portable folding table options you can choose from or may try to build on your own.

  • Drop-leaf or Gateleg table. This kind of folding table has been used since the 16th century for saving dining spaces. Since tables were only used for a few hours and the number of people it will accommodate is variable, the early English made use of the drop-leaf table style so they can simply add or reduce surface area whenever necessary. This folding table is fashioned in such a way that the tabletop has one main section which remains when either one or both hinged flaps are folded down beside the table’s legs, vertically hanging from the fixed section when not in use. It can be of any shape—round, rectangular or square. It is not only stylish. It is also a fantastic choice that works very well with crowded spaces. There are many sites that offer this kind of product, like, and also at Walmart.

  • Collapsible table. Popularly used as a camping table, a collapsible table has the following main parts: a table top and two legs that are hinged together at the center and whose top parts are both attached to the underside of the tabletop. This makes a sort of scissor-connection at the center that allows you to collapse the table for easier storage that requires minimal space. This folding table works by way of a release locking system that is located underneath the tabletop and gives you control of the height. This may be in the form of ridges or holes through which the legs can be inserted or slid through. By using the same idea, there are other existing table plans that are similar in structure. You can have it custom-made, adding extra space for a coffee holder, napkins, or a tiny packet for utensils, all of which can be incorporated into the assemblage. The quality of collapsible tables diminishes in time from extensive or rough use.

The popular materials used for folding tables are wood, aluminum and plastic, all of which equally provide you with a neat and sturdy extra working place.

A wooden folding table is an elegant choice when you are looking to increase your dining or kitchen space. It gives it a homely, classic look that will fit best with the rest of your wooden furniture. An aluminum folding table, on the other hand, is perfect for cafeterias, outdoor activities like picnics, garage repairs, and other labor that requires a tougher surface area to conduct your work.  Plastic folding tables are more popularly used in the living room while watching a movie, eating outdoors or in the park, drawing rooms or as an extra table beside your computer desk. It’s easy to use and clean up. You may avail of your own folding tables at hardware stores or at any Walmart branches nationwide.


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