How To Get the Price Range of Swimming Pools

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After a long day at work, we all need a place where we can relax and appreciate the beauty of life. From time to time, people tend to make a lot of improvements and innovations to their respective houses. Swimming pools are among the latest trends in home modernization these days. There are countless homes in the United States that have a swimming pool in the backyard. Pools not only provide an aesthetic effect to your home but it can also serve as a recreational site where you and your family, friends and workmates can enjoy a weekend together. Aside from entertainment purposes, you can also do your fitness routine in the pool. It is very convenient for busy professionals and individuals who still want to stay healthy without the need to drive to a nearby fitness center.  

There are several factors affecting the cost of a swimming pool. These include:

  • Design and shape of the pool
  • Type of materials for construction
  • Rental for excavation equipment
  • Duration of the project
  • Features and accessories for the pool (pool heaters, slides, fence, decks, cleaners/pool service)
  • Licenses and permits (insurance, taxes, etc.)

There are various types of pools and each category has different prices too. Pool prices usually vary with the type of construction materials that are being utilized. Above-ground swimming pools are among the cheapest. They are not permanent and can be transferred from one location to another. Their sizes can change from 8ft-28ft. They will cost around US$1,500-4,500. They can make good outdoor pools.

In-ground pools are among the most expensive ones. They are the permanent ones and require a lot of preparation and excavation expenses. They can be made out of gunite, concrete, fiberglass, etc. They usually take a lot of time because they make use of concrete, underground water pipes and other furnishings to build one. There are several types of in-ground pools to choose from. 

  • Fiberglass pool - The usual costs for this kind of pool are US$6,000-15,000. This is usually the recommended type since it is easier to install and lasts for a longer duration of time.
  • Vinyl-lined pool - The prices range from US$5,000-10,000. The walls of these pools are reinforced with vinyl liners. You may choose from a variety of colors and patterns and personalize your creation.
  • Gunite and concrete pools - Pool prices range from US$6,000-15,000. Maintenance is quite costly for this type of pool. Replastering is needed every 8-12 years and usually this process costs US$7,000-8,000. The good thing about this variety is that you are free to make and invent your own shape.
  • Turnkey - This simply means that a certain company will do all the work for you from installation to designing. Price range varies from US$35,000-70,000. There are quite a number of companies that can help you. Leisure Pools of Seattle is one of the best manufacturing companies that you might want to consider.

You may also check out the Internet for pool pictures to help you in designing and planning what type would best suit you. Swimming pools may be quite extravagant but they are worth all the money invested.


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