Reasons to Consider Crown Moulding During Your Home Makeover

elegant ornate crown moulding

If you're in the midst of a home renovation, you may be wondering what else you can do to enhance the appearance and value of your house. If this is the case, crown moulding should be at the top of your list.

Crown moulding is decorative edging, typically installed around a room where the ceiling meets the wall. There are many high-value reasons for installing crown moulding in your home.

Keep reading for a list of reasons why crown moulding is right for your home renovation. Some of them may surprise you!

It Increases the Value of Your Home

Can crown moulding really increase the value of your home? Yes.

Crown moulding is an economical installation choice that is fairly easy for professionals to install, so it won't break your budget. However, it will cause your home to become more valuable.

Crown moulding shows that your home is cared for and that details are maintained. Both prospective home buyers and real estate agents like to see this whenever they tour a home. It is understood to be a good sign for home buyers.

There are low-grade crown moulding options out there that won't add much to your home. But for most wood and polyurethane mouldings, this won't be an issue.

Visit Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods for more information about what constitutes high-quality moulding.

Crown Moulding Hides Irregularities

Any crown moulding expert will tell you that one of the biggest benefits of crown moulding is that it hides irregularities. Historically, walls and ceilings were known to crack at the places where they meet. And those cracks are hard to hide with thick paint.

These cracks don't happen as much anymore, though you will occasionally see them in older homes. They aren't indicators that your ceiling is about to cave in, but they do look rather unsightly. Crown moulding is a way to cover those cracks and replace them with a look of elegance instead.

More frequently, you will see irregularities in the form of non-perpendicular meeting points between walls and the ceiling. These uneven finishes are structurally fine but aren't always the best to look at. With crown moulding, the problem is solved.

Simply cut crown moulding to fit the dimensions of your room, and you can cover up any imperfections that you don't want to look at. 

It should be noted that these irregularities aren't the mark of bad craftsmanship. But they could turn off potential buyers or make you feel less pride in your home. Crown moulding is a way to elevate your home's potential.  

It Gives Your Home a Finished Look

Many people will see this as the top benefit associated with crown moulding. It frames your room, giving it symmetry and balance. It also adds visual interest, pulling the eyes upward.

For particularly tall rooms, crown moulding can help fill the emptiness. For lower ceilings, it can add vertical appeal by lengthening the walls. Either way, crown moulding gives your home a level of visual interest that it wouldn't have had before the remodel.

Regardless of the aesthetic you are going for in your house, crown moulding can elevate the elegance of your home. Especially if this is a place you plan to live in for a while, crown moulding has a timeless aspect to it that will never go out of style.

Crown Moulding is Personalizable

As timeless as it is, crown moulding is also highly personalizable. You can create custom moulding or choose between a wide variety of designs.

Here is one of the best crown moulding tips: choose a design that fits your personal style. Many crown mouldings are reminiscent of Ancient Greece, but that is not a rule of thumb. Find a pattern that you love, and go from there.

Additionally, there's a common misconception that all crown moulding has to be white. It doesn't! You can paint crown moulding whatever color works in your home. 

You can also opt for backlit crown moulding, or removable moulding. If there is a particular effect you want to achieve in your home, it is probably possible through the use of crown moulding.

It is Easy to Install

Crown moulding installation isn't hard for a professional, and can even be doable on your own. We recommend at least consulting with a professional first so that they can help you with the process.

If you are in the midst of a home renovation, crown moulding will be an easy addition to the remodel schedule. But even if you aren't embarking on a full remodel, you can still easily install crown moulding in your house.

Crown moulding is not difficult to repair either. Moreover, it is not often necessary if you choose a high-grade moulding to begin with.

You may have to spend a little more money on high-quality crown moulding. However, it is a comparatively small amount in contrast to how much value you will add to your home.

Additionally, high-quality material results in less frequent repairs. Good crown moulding is something you can have in your home for a lifetime.

Crown Moulding is a Key Part of Any Remodel

Whether you are remodeling your home or not, crown moulding is a welcome addition to your home. It can add economic value, elegance, and a personalized touch to any room of your house.

Consult a professional about installing crown moulding in your home today. Or, make your way over to our Home&Garden section to learn more about home renovations! 


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