How To Compare Rocking Chair Models

Rocking chairs, or rockers as they are fondly called, are among the most popular furniture of all time. A porch or balcony is made cozier by a comfortable rocking chair that you can sit on while reading a book or just admiring the view. Since they were introduced in the 19th century, there have been many models of rockers introduced to consumers. Here we describe some of these models.

  1. Indoor rocking chairs. Obviously, indoor rocking chairs are made for indoor use. Most indoor rocking chairs are wooden and made more comfortable with the use of cushions or pads. It is not uncommon to see indoor rocking chairs in nursery rooms and living rooms. In nursery rooms, the rocking chair helps the caretaker put the baby sleep. Rocking chairs are more visible in the living room of households with older people.
  2. Outdoor rocking chair. It goes without saying that outdoor rocking chairs are made for outdoor use. Most outdoor rocking chairs are made from wood, although there are designs that are made from different materials like metal and plastic. Outdoor rocking chairs are made of durable and strong materials because they are exposed to the different elements.
  3. Children’s rocking chair. The children’s supplies market is a big industry. One of the most popular children’s chairs on the market is the rocking chair. Children’s bedrooms, daycare centers, and other child care facilities almost always have at least one rocking chair. Usually, a children’s rocking chair is made from plastic to avoid unfortunate accidents. Wooden rocking chairs are more applicable for older children.
  4. Gliders. This is the modern adaptation of the traditional rocking chair that we know. Whereas traditional rocking chairs create rocking motion in an arc, gliders create gliding motion by using a forward-backward motion. In a way, some people might feel more comfortable sitting on a glider than a rocking chair. Gliders are becoming increasingly popular now among the younger generation for the simple fact that they don’t look like your grandparents’ rocking chair.
  5. Massage rocking chair. This is a relatively new model of the rocking chair. The gentle motion that you create while rocking on your chair creates pressure and light massaging motions on your back from the backrest. There are few manufacturers and distributors of this type of rocking chair. One such distributor is

These are the general models of rocking chairs. There are more specific models that have been introduced over the years. These include the bentwood rocking chair, egg rocking chair, folding rocking chairs, rocking lounge chairs, and rocking stools. For a more comprehensive discussion of the numerous models of rocking chairs, visit the web site Design Boom at

More rocking chair models and designs are being introduced to the market every year. Notable brands of rocking chairs and gliders include Angel Line , Best Chairs, Dutailier, Foundations, Shermag, and Storkcraft. Visit the websites of these brands to view the latest models and designs of rocking chairs and gliders.


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