How To Use Decorative and Modern Room Dividers

Find the Perfect Room Divider for Your Space

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Room dividers are becoming more and more common in households these days. This is due to the open concept in modern living, where living spaces tend to blur into the next. Room dividers serve the purpose of establishing a much needed sense of separation and privacy. Room dividers aren’t actual walls, but panels. They serve the purpose of giving us at least a semblance of partition, which helps ease our minds about our privacy.

Room dividers are basically meant to divide the spaces inside the house into different functional areas. They are widely used by interior designers and architects to simplify and yet amplify the functions of a house. They also provide a decorative atmosphere and add character to a room. Made from a large variety of materials depending on the creativity of the designer, room dividers come in different forms, sizes and functions. There are many variations on room dividers such as portable room dividers, cubicles, pipe screens, drape screens and shoji screens. Their uses depend on the function of the room being divided.

Dividers are not only a way of separating space, but they also serve as ways to personalize your surroundings. Here are some ideas you can try out. Here's how to use a room divider.

  1. Match the room divider with the décor. The décor of the room is always important and adding decorative room dividers can help. The design or the color of the divider must match the surroundings. Sometimes, the construction or materials used have to be considered. If you have a divider that fits the theme, but not the color, check the material. If the material can be painted, or if you can redo the finish, visit a paint shop to acquire the paint or varnish needed. You can also see if the shop can do the paint or varnish job for you.
  2. Decorate the room divider. Sometimes a room divider just looms and looks out of place. If the divider is sturdy enough, some items can be hung on it. Pictures, artwork and trinkets can add to the appearance of the divider. Doing this can add to the personality of the room, and make the room divider more a part of the home.
  3. Create your own room divider. A quaint and chic homemade room divider can be built, if done properly. It will also be a very personalized piece of furniture, being made by your hands. There are different materials commonly used in making homemade room dividers. For the hanging foundation, you can choose from chains, rope, string, twine, fishing line or ribbons. Then you can hang trinkets, beads, fabrics, records, or just about anything to add design and flair to your divider. You can also simply drape a fabric to serve as a room partition. Or you can drape a fabric and decorate it with stitching, or rhinestones. You can also make modern room dividers if your house has a modern design to it.

There are many ways to personalize your room divider. You can customize the one you already have to fit better with the surroundings, or you can go all out and just make a new one. In any case, the room divider will serve its purpose and may serve as another interesting accent piece to your home.


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