Shed Some Light on the Matter: How To Install Streetlights in 7 Simple Steps

streetlights turned on at night with lamp posts

Are you looking for more information on how to install street lights? Have you ever wondered how to install street lamps?

The process is fairly simple, like installing a flag pole. But it requires a lot of different equipment to do successfully. If you're a contractor that's tasked with installing them, be sure to consider what all you'll need to do the job right.

Doing so can help you get the job done much faster and have them operating efficiently for a long time to come. See below for several steps on how to install streetlights wherever they need to go.

1. Prepare the Foundation

First things first: you'll need to find a piece of ground that can provide a level foundation for the streetlight you're putting in. Since you might be required to place them within a certain distance of each other, you might have to make the ground level.

Depending on the situation, you might have to dig out some of the ground to make it as level as possible. This is important for ensuring the streetlight won't lean after its streetlight installation.

2. Screw the Base Into the Ground

Once the ground is level, make sure you'll be placing the base of the streetlight parallel to the road that it's beside. Screw the basis cage to the ground with however many screws the manufacturer gives you. 

After the basis cage is screwed in and secure, surround it with concrete, letting it completely dry before setting the streetlight up completely. This will make sure your solar street flood lights are secure in any outside conditions.

3. Install the Battery Box

As you're waiting for the concrete to dry, start setting up the battery and the battery box. Each brand is different, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's guide on how to safely and properly set it up.

The battery will help your solar streetlight to harness the energy from the sun and turn it into clean energy that the streetlight will use later on. 

Make sure to keep an eye on the battery's storing capacity to ensure it will keep the streetlights on until the sun rises in the morning.

4. Install the Solar Panel

Obviously, for your streetlight's solar battery to convert that solar energy, it needs a solar panel to collect it.

Rather than climbing to the top of the streetlight after you've installed it, set the panel at the top of the pole beforehand. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's directions on how the electrical circuit will line up.

Place the solar panel on top of the lamp pole, bolting it on top of the solar bracket. Try not to touch the top of the solar panel as much as possible. They're incredibly sensitive, fragile, and can be expensive to replace.

5. Connect the Light Fixture

Next up, you should focus on placing the light fixture on top of the lamp pole, since it's easier to do by laying everything down. Lay the light fixture down on the ground with its front facing the ground.

On either side of the light fixture, you should notice two red buttons. Be sure to press them both down as you place the lamp holder on it.

Once the lamp holder is in place, it's time for you to place the LED light bulb inside of the holder. Make sure the bulb is fastened tightly.

After you've placed everything inside the light fixture, place it on top of the lamp pole, securing it in place before continuing to the next step.

6. Check Your Work

Before you stand the lamp pole up to install it, be sure that everything is exactly where it needs to be and is secured in place. This becomes much harder to fix once the lamp pole is erect. 

Check to see that the electrical circuit falls in line with your manufacturer's directions and, if so, take one last glance at the wiring as well. You'll also want to ensure that everything is tight and as secure as possible.

Next, it's time to stand the lamp pole up using a crane. Make sure to take this process slowly, lining the pole with the base that you've screwed into the ground. 

Once it's placed on top, have a worker or two screw in several bolts to make sure the pole stays in place. Give it a shake to make sure the pole doesn't jostle around when pressure is applied to it.

7. Put the Controller Inside

Now that the lamp pole is standing up, there's only one thing left to do: connect the controller inside of the lamp pole.

Be sure to have the manufacturer's notes handy so that you can use all the wires and place them in the right spots. 

One thing to remember: you'll want to finish setting up the streetlight with a few hours to spare before dark. That way, it has time to store some sunlight and you can make sure it's working as it should.

How to Install Streetlights Like a Pro

Now that you know how to install streetlights, it's time to get to work on putting yours up the right way. Remember, it's just as important to set everything up prior to placing the lamp pole on the base.

If it ends up not working after you've set it up, then you'll have to take it back down in order to troubleshoot the problem.

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