Simple Double Hung Window Repair

Fixing a Double Hung Window That's Stuck

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Windows in your home can be expensive and complex to replace.  The good thing is, you often don't have to.  There are several different things that you can do to repair different problems with your double hung windows.  One of the biggest problems with the double hung windows is them getting stuck. We'll stick with solving that particular problem.

  1. The first step you will want to take when looking to unstick your window is the edges. Start by taking a putty knife or a paint scraper and slide it around the edges. This will hopefully break loose whatever it is that is causing your window to stick to the frame.
  2. You may need to head outside and do the same process on the exterior of the window as well.
  3. Once you get your fingers under the window, pull it up and all the way open.
  4. Now get a piece of sand paper and sand the track.  This will remove any small imperfections preventing the window from sliding.
  5. If this does not work you will probably have to disassemble the double hung window and work on the sash.  Normally it will be the hinge that is preventing the window from sliding properly.
  6. The first step in doing this to remove the window from the frame. To do this, you may need to remove the trim around the window.
  7. To remove the window, simply lift the window open about half way and pull out the bottom.  The window should slide out without too much problem.  Now twist it out of the frame.
  8. Do the same things on the top window, only this time you will need to pull from the top.
  9. Now the hinge will be exposed.  Look at the hinge and determine if you will need a new hinge, or if you can simply clean the one that you have. These are easy to remove and replace.  Normally it only takes removing two screws and then remounting the new hinge.
  10. There is also the possibility that you need new counterbalances.  This is another relatively easy step. Simply guide you new counterbalance's pilot string into the top pulley and then continue to feed it in until it comes out the bottom pulley.
  11. Now pull the counterbalance through the pulley system.

If you have any struggles in installing or repairing any part of your window, refer to the directions that come with each piece.  These will guide you through any variances between standard double hung window repair and your particular window.


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