How To Find Simple Home Interior Design Ideas

To liven up your home and give it a new look, spend time to search the Internet or read books on home decorating or interior design ideas you can easily do yourself. You can also get fresh, new ideas by taking online design classes - you don't have to go for a whole degree, but if you should find that you want to then the option is always there!

You do not need complicated architecture, interior designers or an interior decorator to help you out. There is also home design software you can purchase to explore decorating ideas for your home.

From the designing stage, prepare a plan on how you intend to complete the project. List the people who will be involved and their roles. Make an outline of the steps you will take and when you expect the project to be completed.

To get you started, here are some simple interior decorating ideas:

To liven up a room or bedroom

  • Use fresh cut flowers for a simple and natural way to make your room look alive. Illuminate the flowers on a table with a table lamp or the existing lighting. Place the flowers in a bare corner to add texture, color and fragrance.
  • To change the room layout, list the space you have and your needs. Layout how you want the room to look, based on what you require. Move the furniture and take out the furniture you do not need.
  • Instead of changing your furniture, add new accents and bright colors to change your furniture’s appeal. If you have furniture with neutral colors, liven it up with eye catching bright paint on the wall. Change the wall color every time you want a new look.
  • Do not just follow what the latest interior design trends dictate. Repaint a room with colors that can make you feel comfortable. Consider the use of the room, and choose a color scheme that fits the mood you want for the room. If you are more adventurous and are comfortable with dark and bright shades, make use of the new interesting colors available in the market.
  • Wall art can add a point of interest or a personal touch to a room. Choose among commercially available off the wall art like abstracts, traditional landscapes, a framed world map or a map of your country, or even Japanese prints you cannot even read. The artwork you choose need not match the existing furniture but should at least be pleasing to the eye.
  • If you have a rectangular room, explore the possibility of adding organic and fluid shapes. Add wood accessories, natural elements, and graceful ceramics or accent pieces. Use items with colors that complement your room’s main color, and which create a secondary visual focus to make the room welcoming.
  • Remove all clutter and hide distracting items that are not in harmony with your room’s design. Regularly clean your daily mess. If needed, add built-in storage or nesting furniture.
  • If your room has no existing storage space, small shelves or closed cabinets can be used to organize the clutter. Make sure to choose the right pieces and arrange them properly in the room.
  • Change the look of the rooms of your house not just during Christmas but depending on the season. Change the accessories and décor colors according to the seasonal theme or climate.
  • Use vases and flowers, cushions, pictures, throw pillows, decorative pieces of art or ceramics to change the look of your room.
  • You can make a decorative valance to cover old curtain tracks.

Improve a bathroom

  • Provide more space for a bathroom by combining the toilet and bathroom, if they are separated. Add a sink for hand washing with the shower over the bath.
  • Reduce water spilling from a bathroom top by raising the edges.
  • If you are adding shelves, make sure the top shelf has a 2 meter or six foot maximum height so it can be useful and safe to reach.
  • Change faucets, shower fittings, floor tiles or vinyl, inset basins or formed sinks as needed.

These simple interior design ideas can help you get started in home decorating, designing a new room or bedroom, renovating or remodeling an old space, and in improving the look of your home. Be as elaborate or as simple as you want, keeping in mind that you need not spend a lot. Make your interior designing project fun and easy. Make sure to make a plan, work within your budget, and keep in mind the use of the room you are decorating.  You can also take a few online design classes to expand your base of knowledge. Even with just a few interior design ideas, you can succeed in implementing the interior design you want without the need for interior designers, or interior decorators.


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