How To Compare Table Pads Types

What do you do to protect your priceless dining table or living room table? We all know that eventually, somebody is going to spill their drink or scratch the finish of your table. You won't just leave it at that, will you? The most plausible solution is table pads. These multi-layered materials are mostly topped with a layer of vinyl coating just like what McKay Custom Table Pad is making. And although this description is the most popular one, there are other types with their different materials.

  • First is the vinyl table pad. According to Guardian Custom Products, the pioneer manufacturer of these product, their vinyl table pads are composed this way to prevent the moisture, of any source, from penetrating and affecting the finish or your table. They use nylon flock laminated to their secret backing material that they have been using for decades. With the use of their own water-based adhesive material, they are able to construct their multi-layered vinyl pads. They are also assuring their customers that all their materials can withstand the test of time plus they are also safe to use. What they meant by safe to use was that their materials are built from safe chemicals.
  • Other than the infamous vinyl table protector, there are also others that are made of cloth only. The idea is to have a dining table cover that can withstand any elements. If you prefer the cloth, the advantage to this is it can be washed easily and it is absorbent. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who hates washing and you are very messy around the table, then this is not right for you. Cloth might be absorbent but only with small amounts of fluid. It doesn't offer enough protective capacity.
  • Then we have the waterproofed weave. The best thing about this is that it is flexible enough to even serve as chair pads. They act pretty much like the cloth but instead of absorbing the fluid, they rely on their intricate weaves to increase surface tension and trap the fluid on the upper portion of the pad.
  • Another type of table pad is the soft felt table pad. It serves as a table protector when you might need to protect your table from elbows and scratches like when everyone is playing board games or something. Other than that, it is also comfortable for your guests to lean on. Like a cloth table cover, its disadvantage is that it provides little protection from the fluids that might stain the table.
  • One other excellent option to protect your table from scratches is wool padding. It provides that casino feeling when you touch the table while protecting it from sharp edges. Moreover, because of its hairy surface, very little or no liquid will seep through your table if dealt with quickly. Although it depends on where you buy it, this might be expensive because they are made out of animal hides.

Although these table pads differ in function and capacity, they are effective in protecting your precious table so that your future visitors can feast their eyes on it.


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