The Ultimate Guide to Electrical Wiring Installation

electrician installing electrical wires

If you're a homeowner, chances are at some point, you'll need to install some additional wiring in your house. Maybe you want to add a light fixture to a dark space or add another light switch. In any case, knowing how to do some basic electrical wiring installation is a good idea.

Connecting to an Outlet

Most of the time, you'll be installing your new wiring in a room with other outlets; this means you'll need to run the wiring off the last outlet in the circuit. Find the outlet that only has two wires connected to the terminal screws, not four. Make sure the electricity is shut off (if you need help with this, contact Rytec Electric), and then remove the outlet faceplates to check the wires.

Adding Wiring at an Outlet

Once you've found the last outlet on the circuit, you'll need to attach the new wiring cables. Make sure to use the same grade cable as is already in use in the house (12-grade, for instance), and attach the new wires to the correct posts.

The white wire will go on the chrome terminal, the black wire will go on the brass one, and if the box is made of metal, the ground wire will attach directly to the box.

Adding Wiring at a Junction Box

If you need to and you have extra capacity, you can add wiring to a junction box. You'll want to start by tracing the cables to make sure you aren't attaching a 240-volt supply to a 120-volt outlet. Then find the main supply by tracing the white wires, take out the unused plug, and add the new wiring.

Adding Wiring at a Light Fixture

Sometimes, you may need to run wiring from a light fixture for a switch. Connect the cables at each end by color - white to white, black to black, and ground to ground. You'll need to attach the ground to the box at the switch.

Making Sure the Connectors Match

Some electrical boxes come with built-in connectors. If this is the case, you'll want to make sure you have the right kinds of connectors on your box. Armored connectors have inner rims to hold fiber bushings, while nonmetallic connectors have a clamp to fasten the installation around the cable.

Additional Wiring Installations

There are several other applications in which you might need to install extra wiring. You may need to run cable between floors (Drill a hole through the floor, and run the cable through it by tying it to some string with a weight attached at one end), add new wiring from ceiling boxes (attach the cables to the box as previously described, and drill holes in the ceiling at the desired positions for the new boxes), and wiring in the same wall.

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