How To Arrange Orchids

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Orchids are complex, multicolored and interesting. The 14th wedding anniversary flower, which is the pink orchid, conveys pure affection, while the popular cattleya orchid represents mature charm. Orchids give a striking and interesting flavor to floral centerpieces and flower arrangements.

Orchids make one of the most grand flower arrangements. No doubt with its amazing variety of flowers in different shapes and colors there is one flower to make any flower arrangement uniquely different and special. Even the artificial orchid flowers make great flower arrangements. The other option is to go for silk orchid flowers. These flowers are used in weddings for decoration purposes.

Many orchids last long in the form of cut flowers. Most often the thicker flowers last longer than the thinner ones. Orchids are one of the most popular type of flowers in the world. Floral arrangements are always a hit but floral arrangements with orchids are particularly special.

When making a flower arrangement, you have to take into consideration some factors. Here are some tips on flower arrangements using orchids:

  • Buy fresh blooms that are of top quality.
  • Cut stems in a clean manner under water at an angle before making the arrangements.
  • If flowers appear wilted, submerge them first in water for a while.
  • Keep blooming orchids away from direct sunlight and hot/cold drafts. 
  • Keep orchids with blooms that have not opened yet in bright light, as it is conducive for them to open.
  • As you create flower arrangements, it is important that you try to match the look of the area in which your creation will be placed.
  • If the arrangement is meant to be a gift, include some informal and creative elements.
  • Take into consideration your client's likes and dislikes and apply them as you make choices on the colors, flower types, and arrangement style you will use.
  • For the fundamental flower arrangement you will need a pot, ferns and other leaves of your choice and flowers that will go with your orchids.
  • Keep the flowers healthy and fresh by filling up the container with some fresh water and a flower preservative.
  • Use ferns to make the arrangement stable.
  • Be sure that the ends of all the stems are well into the water so they will not dry out.
  • Most containers used for orchid arrangements do not have any drainage holes, so it is very important to water lightly and regularly test the soil to see if it has dried out before adding more water.

Keeping orchids around you in certain ways relieves you from stress. They are also important pieces for flower decorations. With a large variety of orchid flowers to select from, a person simply feels dazed with its stunning beauty. Flower arrangements with orchids show off some elegance and serenity. Most orchid flower arrangements are often conversational pieces because of their beauty, exotic and elegant appearance. You could say that an orchid is a thing of beauty that gives joy forever. 


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