How To Purchase a Custom Door

Having a door custom-made is a great idea if you want a unique door that caters specially to your tastes and adheres to the overall design of your house. Also, ordering a custom door would mean having the exact specifications that you would need according to dimensions – particularly with regards to the height and width of the door – and according to door type: fiberglass door, steel entry door, patio doors sliding, etc.

So what should you look out for when purchasing a custom door?

First of all, you have to make sure that you accurately measure the door dimensions that you require. Know that ready-made doors have sizes that adhere to standard measurements, while custom-made doors can accommodate any size and any dimension. Take advantage of this by measuring your exact door requirements to the half-inch.

Another tip is to plan for the door style that you like. You may choose to consult an interior decorator in making your choice, or you can do a bit of independent study. Go online to research different available styles, which include raised panel doors, French doors, café doors and mirrored doors. Of course, again your choices would depend largely on the overall theme and design of your house, as well as the location of that specific door – for example, are you thinking of wood garage doors, or mirrored From the styles that you find out about, you could customize your own design depending on your own tastes.

Next, you have to plan for other details of your door, such as what the knobs would look like, what the handles or pulls should be, the color, the make (the kind of wood, for example poplar, pine, maple, oak, etc) and other door options. These include having a single pocket door or a double pocket door (these refer to sliding door operations) or a multifold door. You could also specify your preferred wood finishing and door hinges.

Make sure that you order custom doors from a reliable door manufacturer. Check out listings at, to look for listings of certified door manufacturers near your area. Also, you could order custom made doors online: try out websites such as, (which specialize in custom glass design), and

Once you’ve chosen the door manufacturer, make sure that you would closely coordinate with the sales attendant with regards to your plans and your specified measurements.

These are just some of the tips you could follow when purchasing a custom door. Remember, though opting to go custom made has its advantages, ultimately it would entail a whole lot more planning than if you decide to go ready-made. You would need to be detail-oriented, and it would be an advantage to you if you definitely know what you want your door to look like and what its accompanying accessories (handles, pulls, knobs, etc) would be. It’s good also to look up some designs, especially if you’re interested in making your door a design centerpiece – look up art deco doors and research different ways ornate mirrors are used on doors. Good luck!


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