How To Compare Types of Pool Covers

Using pool covers

Pool covers are used for different purposes. A pool cover can be used for protection, or for lowering costs for pool maintenance and they also keep the swimming pool clean. There are different types of pool covers that are available that are used in different conditions. There are pool covers for pools that are above the ground and also pool covers for below the ground.

Here are some types of pool covers that are available:

  1. Safety Pool Cover - The safety pool cover is used to prevent children from falling into the pool or also to prevent pets from swimming. Pool safety must always be kept in mind, especially if there are children around. This type of pool cover is put on top of the entire pool. There are different holes that are small enough so that a human or an animal cannot fall in. The safety pool cover is secured on the ground so that it will not be blown by the wind.
  2. Solar Pool Cover - The solar cover is developed by specialists in order to retain the heat in the water. It covers the entire pool so that the heat from the sun is absorbed and then transferred to the water. This is ideal for people who want to swim at night but do not want to swim in cold water. The solar pool cover keeps the water warm even at nighttime.
  3. Winter Pool Cover - The winter cover is used during the wintertime. It covers the pool tightly so that no dirt, leaves, rocks and other materials can enter the pool during the wintertime. This also helps in keeping the pool clean so that you do not have to do a general cleaning of the entire pool when the winter season is over. This is one of the most useful pool accessories that you can own.
  4. Pool Leaf Net - The pool leaf net is a pool liner that you can use together with a winter pool cover. You can put the pool leaf net over the winter pool cover so that you can easily get rid of all the leaves and other materials that fall over your pool. Pool leaf nets are typically made out of durable material so that they can withstand harsh conditions and not be damaged with snow.
  5. Above Ground Pool Covers - Above ground pool covers are specially made to cover pools that are installed above the ground. This type of pool cover prevents leaves, dirt and animals from getting into the water. This is very helpful if you are not planning on using your above ground pool for a very long time. It also saves you energy when you are ready to use the pool again as you do not have to clean the items that fall above your pool.

These are the different types of pool covers that can help you in saving time, money and energy. It is good to take advantage of these covers so that you can keep your pool clean during different seasons.


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