How To Recognize Types of Serving Spoons

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One of the most common table refinements is using serving utensils such as serving spoons, serving forks, and serving plates. That is why no matter where you are in the world, this topic remains one of the most interesting, though it can be a very light one. Now, knowing the different types of serving spoons or serving flatware may not save your life. But knowing this will at least save you from shame when in front of a strange dining table with different serving spoons. So, aside from learning how to use the forks and cutlery, learn also how to use the following serving spoons, too:

  • Ladle. This serving spoon type may vary in design, but you can commonly find this having a long handle attached to a bowl-shaped spoon. Its distinct shape is not just about fashion but for function also. Through its design, a ladle can conveniently scoop and serve delicious soup. This serving spoon also varies in sizes, but the largest typically measures about a foot in length.
  • Tablespoon. You often hear about this serving spoon in cooking shows, but it does not mainly work for measuring. The ones used for measuring are sometimes a disposable set. This set is composed of different spoon sizes, making it ideal for measuring. Also, this spoon belongs to the large spoon family especially used for serving saucy dishes.
  • Berry Spoon. This is also a large spoon having a broad and deep bowl, ideal for its main purpose—serving berries. It can also be used for serving salad and juicy foods.
  • Jelly Spoon. You’re right, this spoon is used to serve jellies and other fruit preserves. It commonly has a pointed shape, while sometimes it can have a very odd shape. You may also find this spoon inside the jelly jar.
  • Mustard Spoon. Again, this spoon suggests what it is used for—serving mustards. It is constructed with a deep elongated bowl, forming a scoop. This shape is just right for serving mustards.
  • Sugar Shell. Sometimes, this small serving spoon is called a sugar spoon. It is used to serve granulated sugar. The name “shell” comes from its common shape, which is a bowl molded into a seashell form.

Regardless of other table etiquette beliefs, the serving utensils mentioned here are already the most common. Perhaps the most useful innovation in serving utensils is the invention of disposable spoons.

Interestingly, there exist spoons that are more interesting. An anointing spoon, for instance, have been used for English monarchs’ coronations since the 12th century. Even the common metaphor “silver spoon” does really exist. This is a small spoon made out of silver given to a newborn baby to ensure the child’s good fortune.

Actually, there are more wonders on the subject of the spoon if you only try to explore your kitchen or the home essentials section in the mall. You’ll discover different shapes, colors, materials, uses, and designs of spoons. With the little knowledge you have now, you don’t at least need to be ignorant of the different serving spoons and their uses on the dining table. You may already get some idea of where some spoons, cutlery, serving flatware, serving ware, and serving forks are used. This way, you won’t get embarrassed and people won’t get offended just because of the wrong usage of serving spoons.


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